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Odysseus is very selfish. Odysseus never cares about the rest of his team, and only uses them to help him sail the ship. He is totally focused on what he wants to do, and returns to his wife. Entire journey of Odysseus revolve around gods and goddesses. Odysseus is forced to believe in gods and goddesses because of his frequent meetings with them, and how they influenced his life. Odysseus is the legendary King of Ithaca, a city-state in Greece. Odysseus is a strong warrior and the champion of Homers epic verse. He is the son of Laertes and Anticlea and is most famous for his long delayed come back dwelling to Ithaca and the 10 years it took to make the journey. Odysseus travels to many distinct kingdoms and realms on his comeback voyage. We understand of Odysseus adventures after the Trojan War because they are chronicled in Homers Odyssey. Odysseus is among the main leaders of the Trojan War. He was the man responsible for evolving the Trojan horse. This was the apparatus that allowed the Greeks to win the Trojan War (Homer, 1999).


Odysseus faces many symbolic obstacles on his original attempt to return home. First, he visits the island of the Lotus eaters. These people completely rooted in the physical world controlled by the physical pleasure symbolized by the lotus. When two of Odysseus's men chased the lotuses, they also become prisoners and want to abandon their quest. Odysseus, however, remembers the goal and quickly leaves the island. Later, Odysseus and his men held prisoner by the Cyclops. The Cyclops represents the small minded arrogance of people who see no need for any type of spiritual or intellectual pursuit.

However, Odysseus worst action of his wanderings is when he was in One-eye Cyclopes' island. ...
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