On-Line Consumer Behaviour

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On-Line Consumer Behaviour

On-Line Consumer Behaviour


Thesis Statement: The purpose of this research paper is to exploring the behaviors of consumer through online shopping.

Consumer Behavior (An overlook that motivates the consumers for online shopping)

Intrinsic Motivations (term used Jeon, Kim & Ammeter 2008 )

A. Demographics such as Sexual Preference (term used by Vazquez, 2009)

a. Bi-sexual and homosexual individuals are mostly prefer to buy online. (Kim & Ammeter 2008)

b. Discrimination of anti-gay and its fear discourages regular shopping for them (Kim & Ammeter 2008) B. Demographics such as Gender: (term used by Cameron &Galloway, 2005)

a. Female consumers are more sensitive and fear of online shopping due to privacy concerns

b. Strength of women consumer are quite less as it compare to Men's users

c. Women appreciate sites that educate about information of brand and new inventions that relate to cosmetics, cooking and branded clothes (Janda, 2008).

C. Demographics such as Buying Habits:

a. What kind of shopper? Convenience, store-oriented, balanced, variety seeker, compulsive shopper (Kukar-Kinney et.al, 2009).

b. Compulsive buying is positively correlated with online sales, but it may result in negative consequences for the consumer such as financial, social and emotional harm (Kukar-Kinney et.al, 2009).

c. Consumers with higher compulsive buying tendencies prefer online shopping to avoid social interaction and benefit from immediate gratification (Kukar-Kinney et.al, 2009).

B . Demographics such as Age:

a. Net Generation: This term is defined as individuals born between 1977 and 1997 and is the first generation to grow up surrounded by digital media and the Internet (Kim & Ammeter, 2008).

b. The net-genders are the first generation that will actually surpass the baby-boomers in population size. Because of their knowledge and their numbers, it is safe to say that business as usual is in for a transformation.

c. Some research suggests age is less of a factor until 56-60 (Koyuncu, & Lien, 2003).

2. Extrinsic Motivations (term used by Jeon, Crutsinger, & Kim, 2008)

A. Consumers Motivated By Online Experience

a. Internet facilitates consumer by offering convenience experience and saves their precious time. (Doohwang, et.al, 2011)

People use internet because of its strength and convenience (Koyuncu& Lien 2003).

c. It is used as a medium of communication, education, entertainment and e-trade (Doohwang, et.al, 2011)

d. Bidirectional communication capability is one of the most important trait of e-shopping. (Doohwang, et.al, 2011)

e. Responsiveness is might be one of the positively affect perception of consumer to visit a web site (Janda, 2008).

B. Consumers Motivated By Privacy and Security ...
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