Once Slaves, Now A Herbew Nation

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Once Slaves, Now a Hebrew Nation

Once Slaves, Now a Hebrew Nation

There were numerous steps, with the Hebrews, that appeared while they were altering from Egyptian slaves to a nation of their own. The first step was displaying obedience to the Lord throughout the escape from Egypt. The next step was the covenant affirmation in the Sinai wilderness. The Decalogue and Code of Laws would reinforce the Hebrews even more. Finally the directions on how to construct the tabernacle and how to arrange the priest would lay powerful base for the Lord's selected people.

The Hebrews were slaves all of their lives. One of their own, who was increased in the dwelling of Pharaoh, would arrange them to depart a land and a life that was all they knew. Plagues were dispatched upon the land of Egypt, and now all were about to face the worst. This last plague would have Pharaoh really going by car them out of Egypt. All of the first-born in Egypt, man and beast, would pass away that night. Only those who directed lamb's body-fluid upon the doorposts would be immune from this plague (Exodus 11:1-13, King James Version). God was displaying the Hebrews not only His power with this curse; He was furthermore checking their obedience throughout the Passover. The Lord's leverage was so powerful that the Hebrew has not halted the yearly observation.

The Pharaoh did drive the Hebrews out, but recognized that he had lost his whole workforce. Soon he was following them with his best chariots and armed detachment, concluding in on them beside the Sea of Reeds (Exodus 14:1-9). The Hebrews lost belief and desired to come back to Egypt, but Moses would shortly display them the awesome power of God by supplying a dry route through the ...
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