Online Business Expansion Proposal

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Online Business Expansion Proposal

Online Business Expansion Proposal

Viability of product or service

The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of reader's knowledge by presenting some relevant facts relating to the accomplishment of online business expansion. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is generally defined to encompass any commercial activity that uses the transmission of electronic data to facilitate buying and selling. E-commerce therefore spans a wide variety of industries, not only those trading in tangible goods but also those brokering the transfer of intangible ownership rights. It also uses a wide variety of technologies, ranging from the simple buying and selling of products using electronic mail to more complex inventory-tracking systems that automatically replenish stock based on sales. Over the past 10 years, e-commerce has become an integral part of business organization and economic strategy. A large number of organizations are adapting the online business strategy to attract large pool of customers (Tan, 2009).

Diana's Flowers Hollywood is located in Blvdin Valley Village. It is a family business established in 2007. The company offers a large selection of fresh cut flowers from all over the world. The core competency of the company is its creativity of designs and the quality of long lasting floral arrangements. Each flower arrangement is a natural, original work of art. The team of designers makes each arrangement unique and custom designed based on customer's needs. Diana's Flowers arrangements feature a wide range of seasonal flowers. The business use unique distinctive containers for special occasions and have affordable vases for everyday purchases. Diana's Flowers offers green and blooming plants, European gardens, fruit and gourmet baskets and balloons. The business also offers delivery service for shipment of products.

It was the aim of the company to sell the products and services using online resources. But due to lack of specialization in the field of online business, and lack of funds, the business owners suspended the idea of launching the business online.

This blueprint for success is about the strategy, the challenges and the results of taking the business of flowers to the next level i.e. selling online. Through the online utility, Diana Flowers cannot only reduce the operational cost of selling and purchasing flowers but it will also provide them the advantage of promoting their products and service internationally. However, in order to achieve this objective, the business is required to develop an effective website that not only attracts the online customers through its web content and graphics but also demonstrates compatibility with apps (application) and mobile devices.

Who is our target market

Our target market will comprise of business entities who buy fresh flowers to use it in office arrangements and to use in other events. We will also tareget event management companies who requires fresh flowers for wedding, birthdays, confrences etc. Apart from business entities, we will also target those individuals who are frequent buyer of flowers. These individuals buy flowers for events such as valentines day, mother's day etc.

Trends in Market Palce

Today, more and more people prefer to buy ...
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