Online Examination

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Online Examination

Online Examination

Introduction to the Problem

The objective of CEP is to provide high quality education to the students along with reduction of paper and marking overhead in the examination. The school aims to create an environment and tools for monitoring, evaluating and managing the examination papers on the Internet. The system of online examination will also seek to strengthen the system of education in the school and the management of information. There is a need for the creation of information resources for education policy based on interdisciplinary research, in fact, research on the quality, effectiveness of education, and evaluation of the students using an online medium.



Within the group, I was responsible for brainstorming and generating ideas and creative solutions to solving the problem at hand, which is the introduction of online examination at CEP. Brainstorming is a critical task that required gathering ideas about the online examination system. It involved considering the entire process of examination at the CEP, strength of the students, stakeholders and other critical factors while gathering ideas. Furthermore, it was challenging to generate and come up with ideas, as the problem at hand pertained to technological solutions. In addition, there are a number of issues that had to be considered while brainstorming the entire online examination process (Dietz-Uhler 2008, pp. 105-112). One of the significant parts of brainstorming and thinking process involved knowledge and information about the technology and other requirements of the online examination system.

Furthermore, it involved having knowledge about the cost and benefits of having an online examination system, hardware and software requirements, monitoring and evaluation system, information management system etc. In addition, brainstorming also involved identification of roles and responsibilities of the different stakeholders involved. At first, it was essential to establish if CEP could develop its own online examination system or there was a need to buy the services from a vendor. This required knowledge about the current resources of CEP and identifying the technological needs of establishing an online examination system. Data and information regarding online examination system was gathered using secondary resources such as the Internet and online journals, along with primary data, which involved visiting professionals from the IT industry and other stakeholders working in CEP. Brainstorming had been a significant part of the task at hand, which helped in generating creative ideas about the online examination system ranging from developing the system to managing the online database and evaluating the performance of the students.

Alternative Approaches

Alternative approaches may include outsourcing the entire process to a third party, which may have developed a custom made system for CEP. This may have involved buying the online examination system from a vendor (Dennen 2007, pp. 65-79). In such a case, the contribution of CEP may have incorporated only funding the project and planning for the administration of the system.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Teamwork

Some of the significant and dominant strengths of teamwork include efficiency and timely results. The team has been result oriented. Responsibilities were distributed among team members, which were ...
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