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Online Learning & Business


Technology over the recent past has changed the world completely, and today the world stands as a global village. In the context, of this paper an effort will be made to analyze online learning and online businesses through different perspectives.

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Online Learning2

Benefits & Opportunities3

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Disabled People4

Beyond Borders4

Online Business5

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Online Learning & Business


The advent of technology has changed many things around us and the way we humans use to go about it. The world has now taken a shape of a global village, therefore, in this village the only concept which tends to stand and around which this village will move in the future is the survival of the fittest. So in order to survive and be counted among the fittest one need to have strong toolkit, which can maximize, an individual's performance and growth. The individual's performance and growth is linked to the fact that how he or she chooses to operate. Today the world tends to stand at the ideas of time management and working beyond the orders. The advent of technology has helped diminish the borders if not fully than at least to a certain extent. Today, where the economic conditions are tough, and survival is much more difficult, technology has given a ray of hope in this context.

To survive in this world one needs to have a strong educational background and in today's context to acquire a quality education, it seems to be possible with the advent of online learning. Online learning tends to play an impressive role at the organizational level and thus should be seen from multiple perspectives. Since the people, today are bound by the economic conditions around them, the use of technology to maximize the available resources should not be ignored, and that is where the idea of online business tends creep in (Donlevy, 2003, p.119). 

However, the fact should not be ignored that online business tends to serve the humans and should not be used for the constructive ways and to serve others. In the context of this paper, we will be throwing light on the benefits and the opportunities presented to us by the ideas like online learning and online business.


Online Learning

The term online learning tends to relate itself to all types structures which tend to be electronically in nature and includes not only aspect of learning, but also teaching. It is seen as a different discipline due to the opportunities and benefits it tends to provide. It has even stretched itself to the idea of in-class and out of the class learning experience. As the technology, keeps on advancing different innovations in this context are bound to be born. Online Learning tends to have different tools under its belt and due to its multidimensional nature it is on the rise. The content, which comes under, the umbrella of online learning, can be delivered through various medium which tends to include intranet, CD's, live audio and video streaming, or even for that matter satellite television (Terry 2008, ...
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