Online Media Communication; Focusing On The Impact Of Online Media In The Workplace

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Online media communication; focusing on the impact of online media in the workplace



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The major aim of this dissertation was to analyze the impact of online mediums of communication in the modern day organizations. For meeting the research aims and objectives and answering the research questions, the researcher had applied a mixed approach, which involved both primary and secondary sources. Many differing factors can bring people together, and these factors can be identified and studied his study argued that communication plays an integral role in the development of a sense of connection between workers and the workplace collective - or what we might call the sense of community within the workplace. From the questionnaire analysis, it is visible that the respondents believed that the traditional modes of communication still had a lot of importance from the perspective workplace. The respondents had a belief that online communication could help an organization in saving time and money; however, it was not as effective and useful as traditional modes of communication. The respondents had maintained that traditional modes were better in numerous ways as compared to the modern online methods of communication.







1.1 Background of the study1

1.2 Introduction1

1.3 Problem statement2

1.4 Aims and objectives of the study3

1.5 Research questions3

1.6 Rationale of the study4


2.1 Workplace Communication6

2.2 The importance of workplace communication: A theoretical perspective8

2.3 The virtual environment in the workplace9

2.3.1 Advantages and Challenges of having a virtual environment11

2.4 Internal corporate communications and online communication12

2.6 Email Communications: A new medium of corporate communication14


3.1 Introduction18

3.2 Overview of Research Approach18

3.3 Research tool utilized19

3.3.1 Interview19

3.3.2 Questionnaire19

3.3.3 Secondary data in the research19

3.4 Participants of the research20

3.4.1 Interview participants20

3.4.2 Survey participants20

3.5 Informed Consent20

3.6 Confidentiality21


4.1 The comparison of online and Face-to-Face communication in the workplace: An organizational perspective22

4.2 Integration of online interactions and offline activities in organizations24

4.3 Online communication comparison with face to face communication25

4.4 Fostering workplace environment through online communication26

4.5 IT-enabled communications and organizational productivity27

4.6 Questionnaire analysis28

4.6.1 Question number 1: Traditional communication and modern day organization29

4.6.2 Question number 2: Cost of online communication30

4.6.3 Question number 3: Effectiveness comparison of modern and traditional mode of communication31

4.6.4 Question number 4: Cost comparison of traditional and modern modes of communication32

4.6.5 Question number 5: Online communication and problem solving33

4.6.6 Question number 6: Online communication and rapport ...
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