Operation Management Assignment

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OPERATION MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT Operation management assignment

Operation management assignment


The world is currently facing very rapid process of globalization, keeping the dynamics of that responds to be part of the system. We in our illustration as professionals we must plan, which called some theoretical and foresee the future. The point is how to achieve it without validating the importance of history and some cases that guide us.

It is for this reason that this working group aims to make an insight into the history of Ford industries, one that has a good reputation and market share worldwide, aims to analyze, investigate and interpret the organizational processes at times of history in order to envision the events and understand the working group that committed errors of which we can learn, also the factors that led them to succeed.

To conclude this introduction, generalizing in this study found the most relevant aspects involved disaggregated industries in the history of Ford with an analysis of students in vocational training.



Not allowed to use staff time in meetings, accountants crunching numbers warrant "with everything and we pay benefits to employees $ 20 per hour. If the meeting lasts an hour and a half is 5,000 hours for $ 20, or U.S. $ 100,000. Are costs and have to be controlled.

Oil crisis and inflationary recession, congress enacted the law of conservation of energy. This resulted in operating losses. Ford reduced its capital chaste 2mil million dollars and reduces the size of their units.

Ford losing $ 400 every time he sold the car Escort and Lyric

Ford controlled by reducing expenses 37,500 No of employees and close two assembly plants.


In 1979 the tastes of consumers switched to smaller cars and greater fuel efficiency. Ford had no car models as well. Share decreased 23.6% in 1978 to 20.7% in 1979 and in 1980 to 17.3%.

In 1978, Ford prototype similar or identical to the model of the 80 GM.

A fuel consumption of the consumers preferred imported car for its quality. Ford was not sufficiently competitive in quality and design.


When plants had reached their quotas, they were told the workers to go home.

There was not enough money to maintain equipment or to improve the quality, but for advertising budgets.

Individuality among departments

Manufacturing division was not involved in the design of cars. The designers did not care who thinks the manufacturing department.

Human Resources

By tradition the senior administrative position was occupied by a descendant of the founder Henry Ford.

The worker is a working tool for specific purposes.

A worker went to her supervisor saying "I have a new way to improve this operation"

The supervisor replied, "You want to work, then, Forget It!

Do not be hired to think but to work! It was not acceptable to workers' participation in different activities and tasks to which they were hired.

Atypical situations likely to occur not taken into account if

General strike by workers demanding improvements in the humane treatment, compensation and participation

Increases in tariffs to prevent import of vehicles from the ...
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