Operation Management Strategy

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Operation Management Strategy

The Case

Titeflex Corporation a part of Bundy Group was among the leading hose manufacturing organizations, located at Springfield, Massachusetts. The Bundy Group was acquired by Tube Investment (TI) a British Conglomerate, along with its subsidiaries. TI's initial plan was to divest Bundy's Plastic Performance group which include CHR and Titeflex industries. However, later Titeflex was excluded from divesting on orders from CEO of TI Sir Christopher Lewinton. Simpson had been appointed as the President of the Titeflex Corporation; however, the CEO was not satisfied with the performance of the corporation, because customers are complaining about late deliver of the order. Thus, CEO had asked Simpson to improve the performance of the company.

Operation Management Strategy for Titeflex

Operations management can be defined as the area of administering business devoted to both implementation and research of all those actions, which tends to generate greater value added through the planning, organization, direction and control in the production of both goods and services, all aimed at increasing quality, productivity, improve customer satisfaction for customers and reduce costs (Björkdahl and Maria, pp. 36-74). In this connection, operation management strategy for Titflex should focus on enhancing performance and profitability of the company. I suggest that Simpson and his colleagues should focus on the following areas in order to ensure the timely delivery of products as well as managing things more appropriately.


The decisions of for process measure the physical process or installation that is used to produce the product or service. The decisions include the type of equipment and technology, the process flow, the distribution of plant and all other aspects of the physical facilities or services (Chauhan, pp. 61-69). Many of these decisions are long-term process and cannot be reversed easily, especially when it takes a strong investment of capital. Therefore, the physical process ...
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