Operations Management In Apple Corporation

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Operations Management in Apple Corporation

Operations Management in Apple Corporation


Today the way work is performed at successful organizations is majorly dependent on changes in technology. The rapid pace of technology has not only influenced the way of work done, but has also impacted on where and how it should be performed. This change is nowhere more evident than in the use of computers (www.apple.com). due to this rapid pace of technology, the companies deal with technological products need to be highly innovative and competitive. There are some highly efficient companies in technology sector that have matched the rapid pace of advancing technology with its effective strategic operations management. Among these all one of the most evident is “Apple”. Therefore, I have selected Apple Corporation to assess its operations management.

Apple Corporation has given rise to the revolution in personal computer's industry in 1970s and reinvented the PCs in the 1980s with the Macintosh. The company continues to lead the industry by meeting the demands of the market through its rapid innovation including award winning computers, OS X operating system and iLife and Professional applications. Not only this Apple has further moved towards online stores, portable music and video players, and many other innovative technological products and services (Ramosaj et al, 2011, p.3). Apple is efficient as it manages to establish sustainable value for the company in this highly competitive personal computer industry. This success was not possible without efficient operational management, therefore, Apple Inc. operational management assessment is really worthy.


Strategic Analyses of Apple's Position within the Sector (Using PEST Analysis)

In order to strategically examine the Apple corporation's position in its industrial sector, PEST analysis is used here as it helps determining the current situation of the company by identifying possible impacts of political, social, economical, and technological factors and help in having a glimpse into the future of Apple Inc (Ramosaj et al, 2011, p.19).

Political Influences

Research reports that 52% of sales of Apple Corporation, in 2007, were from outside of America. This was due to the bad international relations, terrorism and wars, which all affects the company in huge manner. These factors are beyond the control of the company. Further, many of the parts and products of apple are produced outside America including Czech Republic, China, Cork, Korea, and others. Therefore, any political conflict of the U.S. with any of these countries can lead to bad outcomes for the company (Ramosaj et al, 2011, p.2).

Economic Influences

The global economic recession might have intense influence on Apple Company. As the inflation rate is high, while income of consumers has not reported any significant increase. Furthermore, the unemployment rate has increased, which also resulted in less spendable income, particularly on luxury products like Apple's (Ramosaj et al, 2011, p.19). Although the United States dollar has lost value, yet Apple Inc. is not as economically endangered. In order to minimize the economic effects of inflation on the company, Apple Inc. has purchased itself foreign currency. Even it is reported that ...
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