Optimizing Health Care Outcomes

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Optimizing Health Care Outcomes

Optimizing Health Care Outcomes


Patient safety refers to the autonomy from unintentional injury; ensuring patient wellbeing involves the institution of operational methods and processes that curtail the possibility of errors and exploit the possibility of intercepting them when they arise. The U.S. FDA regulates medical device products meant for utilization in the diagnosis, treatment, mitigation, cure, or deterrence of infections intended to influence the composition or any role of the human body or other animals (Aolen, 2009).

The Medical Product Safety Network (MedSun) develops FDA's perceptive of inconveniences with the utilization of health care devices so that the FDA, medical facilities, clinicians, and producers can better tackle patients' wellbeing concerns. FDA supervises reports of unpleasant events and other inconveniences with health care devices and alerts health experts and the public when necessary to certify appropriate use of devices and the health and wellbeing of patients.

Key Inputs And Outputs In The Area

The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is partnering with the Food and Drug Administration's MedSun Project to develop patient wellbeing by exposing inconveniences to do with health care devices and ensuring compliance with reporting requirements. MedSun grants of $25,000 are available to fund research designed to improve medical device safety in clinical and operational processes. There is need for assessment and proposal for utilizing these MedSun funds to improve medical device policies, procedures, and processes. The main objective of this project is to improve the health and welfare of patients by providing for successful health and individual services, and by nurturing sound, continued advances in the sciences essential for medicine, community, health, and societal services.

Programs and performance goals in the assessment and proposal for utilizing MedSun funds, encompasses several related budget initiatives, and the project strategic goals they support, which include the project performance plan presents the key programs covering all Department Strategic Goals. The programs represent the breadth of activities the Department is carrying out, in partnership with States, localities, and the private sector, to meet the health and human service needs of the patients (Aiken, 2007).

To lessen the main intimidations to the health and safety of patients, The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration's MedSun Project will continue its efforts to prevent HIV infections through strengthening capacity nationwide to develop and implement effective prevention strategies; and to prevent diseases through increased childhood immunization.

With the aim to Improve the aptitude of the Nation's medical scheme to efficiently react to intimidation and other public health disputes the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration's MedSun Project will continue its work to ensure that 100 percent of State community health organizations are prepared to employ materials in the Strategic National Stockpile and to always exercise plans that demonstrate their capacity to respond to emergencies.

The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital and the Food and Drug Administration also will support the government-wide bio surveillance effort to develop new tools and procedures designed to provide the earliest possible detection of potential disease ...
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