Ordination Document For Rose Maria Anding

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Ordination Document for Rose Maria Anding

Ordination Document for Rose Maria Anding

Call to Ministry

God personally calls his men towards the pastoral ministry. The instruction of God to Rose Maria Anding made her realized that there are so many people in the world, who are not aware with the God's blessings. God asked her to change the communities by showing them his love, his forgiveness, and the remnants. She was bestowed by the blessings of God that indicated her to call people towards the ministry and preach the sayings of God. Rose Maria McCarthy delivered this message to all those people who find themselves lonely and hopeless. Her messages to the people were that no matter what kind of sins they have committed or have addictions; Jesus is always there to set them free. The call for Rose gave her signs to lead people towards the God's given direction. She delivered the message that people could be free, can turn to their families, get back to the church considering as a gift to Christ and to the society as a symbol of power, love and grace of Jesus Christ. Rose found that doses of drugs, intimate relationships or violence in marriage are the traps that have to be exposed. She defined her story that love with Jesus provides a home of solace and directs towards the path of freedom and forgiveness where one person finds peace in the heart of other. The call to ministry is a space that offers people to encounter with their good and bad deeds, and to walk on the path of God's sayings.


The qualifications presented in Timothy 3:1-7 defines the desirable tasks that should adopt by a person for becoming a pastor. It is mentioned in the Timothy 3:1-7 that an individual should be temperate, respectable, faithful to his wife, self-controlled, able to teach, hospitable, non violent but should be gentle, should not be drunker, non quarrelsome and should not have mercenary motives. If we compare this qualification from my capabilities, I am the person who protects the love ones, a strong willed person who stands for the family. I am a straight forward person who openly delivers his views and thoughts to the people. My qualities and efficiencies are perfect for the pastor ship as the preaching skills are good enough to convince people towards the way of God. I always will to facilitate someone and take part in new tasks. The articulation and comprehension skills are remarkable on various stages. It is stated in Timothy 3:1-7 that the person manages first his own family that somehow falls related to my nature. If the person does not know about the management of his family then how could he look after the engagements of God's Church? The qualification of Timothy 3:1-7 includes that the person should not be a recent convert or he might not fall in the same judgment as the devil is in with. The person should hold good reputation with foreigners so that person ...