Organizational Dynamics

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Dynamic Properties of an Organization

Dynamic Properties of Organization


Organizational Dynamics is an area of social science study that analyzes the interaction of the structures, processes, information systems and human relations in the context of business. Organizational dynamics are the cornerstone of each activity of the business and the association of the key personnel to the attainment of organizational goals. The progress in access to information has transformed the way both the nations, like individuals, they communicate, interact and do business. This situation, which barely exceeds 10 years, has impacted in a way unprecedented in the annals of the history of organizations worldwide (Senge, Scharmer, 2001).


Globalization, the blurring of borders, strategic alliances, the proliferation of free trade agreements between nations on different continents, mergers of large companies, decidedly influence the organizational field (Argyris, Schon, 2004). So that the dynamics of an organization must face these challenges every day, is manifested in the forms staff (Sweeney, Meadows, 1996). Thus we have, then, that the study of organizational dynamics becomes a cornerstone for all those who contribute their professional work (regardless of specialty) to obtain the goals that the organization they belong, to be achieved. Understanding the Dynamics of Leadership, Teamwork, Decision Making, Organizational Culture, Motivation, Information Technology, is therefore an obligatory duty for all professional who wants to grow in an organization (Allen, 1988).

Questions for Discovering Organizational Properties

Organizational leadership is especially concerned with the adaptation of organizational activities with eth current changes in the global marketplace (Argyris, Schon, 2004). In order to discover the organizational properties of organizations, top management needs a concrete reply and a definite response to the following questions:

Who are we as a company? (Industry definition and company mission)

What are our strengths and weaknesses as a business? 

How are we today? (Indicators and Parameters of the technical and social aspects)

What ...
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