Organized Crime

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Organized crime

Organized crime


Organized crime has become a problem among U.S. citizens since 1900, AO. Mafia was the first to show its strengths of power and control between the citizens and businesses in New York. With the growth of the mafia and other criminal organizations have emerged using its authority under the corrupt personal business to gain financial and political power. Every day the citizens living in the community were less tormented by criminal organizations operating pipelines for drugs and weapons. Now the question is, how can the criminal organizations controlled? This article will identify the problems presented and the various relationships established by organized crime.

Body: A Discussion and Analysis

Organized criminal activities that occur during prolonged or indefinite period of time, through the abuse of commercial structures, the use of violence or intimidation, and have influence on political life, the media, public administration, justice and respect the idea of economy (2009). Criminal organizations that work to collect money through illegal activities of instilling fear in society and life in the fight against corruption. There are four types of criminal organizations, gangs, crime syndicates, criminal rackets and criminal political machine. Gangs mainly involved in armed robbery, kidnapping and drug trafficking. They prey on helpless people, such as the elderly, business owners who haven, AOD knowledge to protect themselves or small children who just Don, ALO understand that SA is going on.

They arrived in matching funds from them, while intimidating at the same time. Criminal syndicates are mainly focused on people offering damage to the goods as services, such as drugs, sex and gambling. Criminal rackets use forensics to extort money from businesses or unions. Finally, criminal political machine are members of a political organization that controls the activity of a political party. Corruption among members could lead to more of ...
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