Organized Crime

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Terrorism and organized crime

Terrorism and organized crime


Organized Crime in America has had a huge impact on how the criminal justice system in America operates. Criminals all over the world today area sophisticated enough to exploit any means to carry out their illegal tasks. To combat the problem states must employ new methods of dealing with the problem. In pioneering these new techniques we challenge the traditional methods of the US criminal justice order. To deal with organized crime the legal system suddenly balances the rights of the accused person with the rights of society to live in a crime-free society.


A major concern in America today is the constant media emphasis on spiraling crime figures. We hear about violent crimes and ruthless criminals in localities and communities have begun to get nervous. The entrenched idea that the criminal process in America is disproportionately concerned with the offender and his rights bearing little concern for the community that has been affected by his criminal deed (Hoffman, 1998). The impression that we are overwhelmed by criminal activity and that our police force does not have the tools to deal with this overwhelming amount of crime has been reinforced by many politicians and law enforcers. The response of the US government is to re-empower communities and giving each person a role in shielding themselves from criminality through self policing and the use of crime prevention knowledge, crime prevention resources and skills. It has gone farther than this. To identify the government's strategy we must examine the classical theorist Herbert Packer who identifies two contrasting models of criminal process, (i) due process and (ii) crime control. The former meaning that the pre-trial procedures adopted by the police have been applied in due course of law. The latter's ideals surround the evaporation of public order and the inability of police to bring offenders to justice. The type of model adopted by the government is a matter of policy.

Incidents such as September 11 have brought forth a deep relation between terrorism and organized crime. In fact, we can say that what September 11 has shown the world that terrorists can seize an element of community life, as a passenger plane, and into a weapon of mass destruction that can bring untold consequences for all around the world. Globalization is present in the daily reality of human action in all respects represented great opportunities for legal business, growing economies and development opportunities for citizens and nations. On the other hand, has increasing information exchange, to bring individuals, their peoples and their organizations. But these technological advances have also had negative effects, increasing inequality access to economic resources and have also allowed criminal groups to take these opportunities to commit transnational crimes like drug trafficking, trafficking in persons, money laundering and corruption increased (Juergensmeyer, 2000). As a result organizations transnational crime is capable of attacking the societies, their form of government and security of its citizens. We can say that organized crime and terrorism now represent ...
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