Our Sea Legs: Alcohol Use Among Junior Coast Guard Members

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Our Sea Legs: Alcohol Use among Junior Coast Guard Members



I would take this opportunity to thank my study supervisor, family as well as friends for their support as well as guidance without which this study would not have been possible.


Getting Our Sea Legs: Alcohol Utilize among Junior Coast Guard Members Heavy alcohol utilize is a significant problem among junior enlisted population in a U.S. Coast Guard. The Office of Applied Studies, National Analysis on Drug Utilize as well as Health, 2008 reported 61.2 % of adults age 18 -25 have utilized alcohol in a past month (2008, SAMSHA). This statistic is relevant as Coast Guard personnel are drawn from a civilian population. Approximately 180,000 young male as well as female between a ages of 17 as well as 24 enter a U. S. military annually (Office of a Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1999). Compared to their civilian counterparts, junior Coast Guard members face unique challenges such as relocation as well as separation from family, as well as perceived acceptance of alcohol utilize, all of which may promote higher consumption. My hypothesis is that a workplace culture itself shapes intake norms, values as well as behaviors through a organizational structure worksites as well as Coast Guard life. Study has shown that groups of people who work together develop shared beliefs as well as practices that can influence alcohol utilize (Genevieve and, Cunradi, 2003, 252-257). I will focus this study on a relationship between a coast guard's work environment as well as its junior members' intake behaviors.

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Getting Our Sea Legs: Alcohol Utilize among Junior Coast Guard Members


America's oldest sea service ruthless, the U.S. Coast Guard, established the first U.S. Congress as a revenue cutter service, and the implementation of tariffs and trade regulations to avoid the smuggling of August 4, 1790. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century is a multi-service expansion of its function - an American infantry answer objective agency maritime security, maritime safety and maritime management. 25 February 2003, the Coast Guard will be based on Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Coast Guard will serve as a recognition of the conflict, or in a Department of the Navy, by Congress or the President of the management. Coast Guard men and the obligations of the 42,000 women (United States Coast Guard portal, 2010) composed of the Department of Homeland Security, the largest component. 2008 census data, services, hard-working community volunteers (87.6 per cent) male, (42.8%) aged between 18 and 25, (48.9%), unmarried and (15.7% ) production level for the E1 - E3 show.

The research team; recruitment, Male, United States Coast Guard members, ages 18 to 25, and the role of hard work to help. The conference, recently completed basic education and distribution, as it usually is a major first time, they have lived away from home. In addition, the Coast Guard's life span is distinuished alternate efforts and boring, "where work and leisure, are ...
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