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The Impacts of Prisons Being Overcrowded Is Having On the Climate

The Impacts of Prisons Being Overcrowded Is Having On the Climate


Prison overcrowding is neither a particularly new nor an exclusively problem of United Kingdom. Prison overcrowding has traditionally been defined by density (i.e., the proportion of inmates to rated capacity of an institution; the ratio of single cells to multiple-person cells). In recent months, the overcrowding of state prisons had become a legal and political issue (Hough, 2006, 78). Two prisoners had indeed filed a complaint and before an exceptional court of three judges to request that the problem of overcrowding is resolved. The three federal judges had given due in August 2009 by ordering the release of 40,000 prisoners in two years.


To critically evaluate the impacts of prisons overcrowded is having on the climate


To review and evaluate the literature concerning prison overcrowding and the relevant legislation

To applause alternative methods to custodial sentences

To conduct semi structured interview with a representative from the prison service to determine the impact of prison overcrowding

4.To analyze the financial and social costs of prison overcrowdingResearch questions

1.What is the financial and social cost of prison overcrowding?

2.What is the impact of prison overcrowding on the overall environment.

3.What is the dual nature of prison overcrowding?

Literature Review

Prison overcrowding comes from a number of causes and consequences of policy failures and criminal legal and political behaviour, economic and social factors. While some efforts have been made in the field of activities for prisoners (art, culture, sport, training, discussion group, psychological), special attention should be paid to the prison environment, its effects physical and psychological, as part of a reflection on the ecology of the sentence (Jewkes, 2006, 25).

Dual nature of Overcrowding

Overcrowding keeps a double condition: cause and effect simultaneously. Effect because its existence is derived from the aforementioned variables (the increase criminal behaviour by deprivation of liberty, increasing the quantum of penalty imprisonment, abuse of deprivation of liberty as a security measure) Cause, because as noted above, in itself considered, overcrowding is a major source of the violations to the dignity and human rights jails. It creates inhuman living conditions, corruption and violence for the attainment of a minimum of space where an overnight stay, factors that turn hinder treatment compliance prison for reintegration internal social and ostensibly reduce job opportunities, education and recreation for the inmates, hinder the ability to control and governance by prison authorities and, consequently, the obligation to undertake State to guarantee the life and physical integrity of persons deprived of freedom. In short, overcrowded prison population accounts for an additional penalty to the judicially imposed in a situation of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment (Anon, 2011, 1).


Three factors explain the increased density in prisons: the trivialization of custody, maintenance of prisoners under house arrest prior to their transfer and especially the increase in the length of sentences. The population inflation in Europe is now 138 prisoners per 100,000 populations, a figure; however, no relation to the United States was, in 2003, 715 ...
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