Overmedication In Children

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Overmedication in Children

Overmedication in Children


In today`s life children are more exposed to medication than ever before. The modern thinking of a child is a sad taught that when they will grow up, than taking the medicine will solve all their problems, and provides them with good time. The thinking of parents is also the concern for overmedicating their children as they are quick enough to deliver medication whenever they are faced with problems. The dilemma of overmedicating can be experienced around the world at intense level, because many of the children were killed, injured or negatively impacted of overmedication by their parents.

Glassner`s "Culture of Fear"

“The Culture of Fear” by Barry Glassner is book about the societal fears of American people. Glassner has tried to seek the truth by analyzing the relevant data using intellectual means. He has worked hard to break numerous fears encountered by Americans in their daily life with search of the kernel of truth hidden within (Barry, 2000). The fears that are discussed in his books fall within the interest areas of Glassner, with critical questioning and accurate data conscious. The particular fears that are discussed in books include the fear of political correctness and the road rage. Violence related to workplace and television. Child issues of juvenile criminals, teen gambling and Child abuse. The fears also include the thinking for black man as criminals and anti-Semitism. Fears like abuses of legal and illegal drugs. The fears of Gulf war syndrome, disorders in breast implantation and manifold chemical sensitivity. Lastly, the book discusses about the fears of air travel safety, and post 9/11 fears (Barry, 2000). In this research paper I will be discussing and analyzing about the growing concerns of Overmedication for children with perspective of Glassner`s book “The culture of fear”

Thesis Statement

“Are children overmedicated?” this will be the thesis statement and on basis of it the research analysis and findings will be based.



In the areas of diverse fears which are affecting the American society, Glassner finds that the media reporting of news and information is often too weak, which does not supports the data it is providing. Instead, it creates anxiety and frustration among people and society (Barry, 2000). The other aspect of fear in people is that the problems related to society which has no relevance and importance receive more attention by the media. On the other hand the information and the problems that have extreme social importance receive negligible attention by media. In the critical analysis by Glasnner the most significant contributor to fostering of fears among people is the news media (Barry, 2000).

Issues of Overmedication in Children

Parents are the ones who have the over exhausted and hectic daily routine of balancing the works and the family. They are also encountered with many of the fears in their daily life; especially the fears are related to their children. On several occasion, parent's time is usually compromised as they have greater responsibilities to raise their child with lots of care and ...
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