Pain After Surgery

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Pain after Surgery

Pain after Surgery

Pain after Surgery


The topic which we want to explore is the Nurses and Doctors knowledge regarding the pain after surgery. There has been research done on this topic by the author Coulling in 2005 where he addressed the various aspects of the pain but we need to assess further implications for this study. The theoretical framework which we are going to use for this research will be the analysis of the previous studies that has been carried out earlier. The main idea for examining this research is to further explore the data related to the knowledge of doctors and nurses regarding the pain management after surgery. This is one of the major issues in the medical science so it's quite necessary to gain maximum knowledge for this topic. (Coulling 2005, 49)

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After the completion of a surgery, when the patient is shifted to Intensive Care Unit, then the incidence of pain occurs when the effect of anaesthesia ends. However, nowadays the treatment of pain has become common for patents in Intensive Care Unit. It all depends on nurse's knowledge and skills of the pain management for treating the patients well with quality care. In one research, around 370 patients were included in a trial from sixteen different hospitals in order to assess the performance of nurses and to determine their knowledge of treating patients appropriately after surgery. The overall knowledge rate was 53.4% which indicated poor performance of the nurses and they were told to improve their performance in the future. The main reason for their poor performance was identified as their inability to provide proper medical prescription without doctor's approval. The nurses didn't have much knowledge about the medicines which were necessary to treat the painful condition of the patients. It was discussed by the senior doctors that it was quite essential for the hospital management to provide adequate amount of nurses and to make sure that they must have good amount of knowledge regarding the patient's painful condition after the surgery. (Gould 1992, 87)

It all depends on the kind of hospital and its management who are solely responsible for the hiring of the well-qualified nurses who have got a huge responsibility for treating the patients well. These days the staffs of nurses has increased in private hospitals due to the rise in the number of patients. Therefore, then it's the responsibility of the nurses to take care of the patients and to provide them good services. There is a need in the improvement of education of nurses. There must be some specialized institutes to provide training to the nurses as it is one of the major professions in the hospitals. (Mackintosh 1997, 37)

These days there is a high demand for the doctors and the nurses to strengthen their education regarding pain management especially after surgery of patients. However the role of doctors comes first in the case of patient management. The initial doctors are the physicians who diagnose the basic illness in the patients ...
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