Pan Ocean Oil Corporation Nigeria.

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Pan Ocean Oil Corporation


The Research Study discussed the implementation of Management Information System in Pan Ocean Oil Corporation. The study discussed the levels of MIs system its importance, and how it emerged in the oil industry of Nigeria. The study includes the brief introduction of Pan Ocean Oil Corporation, and Nigerian oil industry. It also include how was the computer system in the past, what information system they are using currently, and what have their future aim for using Management Information System.

Table of Contents


Background Nigeria Oil Industry4


The Traditional Oil Company5

Information System6

The role of management information systems in the Pan Ocean Oil8

Components of the Information System8

Pan Ocean Oil Information System and Decision Support9

Pan Ocean Milestone10

Pan Ocean Oil Management Information System10

Information Systems and CRM12

Ethical Issues of Information Systems for Pan Ocean Oil12

The Moral Dimension Information Systems14


Pan Ocean Oil Corporation


 Pan Ocean Oil Corporation is situated in the country Nigeria. The company is the Ltd. Corporation. It came into been in the year 1973. From in incorporation of the company the company has operated and explored the oil. The company has a joint venture with Nigeria National Petroleum Company. It has the great attachment with the NNPC. The company worked under Oil Processing License that is certified as OPL71, but after that the company converted into OML-98 this happened in the year 1975 in December that is after two years of its establishment. The company has a joint venture partner with NNPC it has 60 percent work interest in OML98 Pan Ocean just had 40 percent share. In the year 2007, Pan Ocean came up with another block OPL 275 this is certified to the Production Sharing Contract (PSC). When it comes on stream it dramatically increased the current volume of production. Pan Ocean is a leader in the proffer to accomplish the gas flare out purpose of the Federal Government. Since the year 1984, Pan Ocean went high with its initiative on gas utilization in spite of the challenge of an underdeveloped Nigerian Gas Market.

Integrity upholds the unity of a group; it is the backbone of our efficiency. They are therefore committed to doing business with the best ethics and professionalism. At Pan Ocean, our staff is expected to be of high moral standing. They believe a person's character is ultimately defined by what he does when no one else is around. Pan Ocean prides itself in carrying out its operations and dealings ethically and professionally. Integrity at Pan Ocean is executing all corporate social obligations and goals set out to the business or its neighboring communities with unshaken uprightness. Those not upholding their responsibility in the work environment corrupt team unity. They value the commitment of our employees. Pan Ocean values our talented and motivated staff and the contributions they make in achieving our company goals.

There is power in synergy. Our organized project teams collaborate, maximize, synergize and leverage differences to achieve superior results. Problems that arise are used as opportunity to learn and enhance the work ...
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