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Parkway nursing care

Parkway Nursing Care (Case Analysis)


This case study provides the reasons of job stress among the employees and staff of the Parkway Nursing Care and the ways to cope up with the stress by effectively incorporating some change management initiatives in the processes.

Organizational Behavior issues

Organizational behavior occurs in a complex social system, the employee's behavior will depend largely on the grounds of personal characteristics and the surrounding environment, that environment is part of social culture, which provides ample clues to determine how the person's behaviors in a given environment will affect the organizational changes and the resolution of the key issues.


Stress is considered as the result of the individual's inability to cope to environmental demands, unlike anxiety emotional reaction would to a threat manifested in cognitive, physiological, motor and emotional. Stress has always been present in the perception of all students, which are subjected to situations such as exams, financial difficulties, need for work, and pressure from the family cope with failure or success.

Organizational change

Organizational change is one strategy that regulation refers to the need for change. This need is based on the vision of the organization to have a better performance management, social, technical and evaluation of improvements.

To have knowledge of when to make changes in the organization needs to have good planning , have clearly identified what their faults, identify problems and errors that the organization suffers, and have reflected a focus on the consequences of change occur.


Emotions are psycho physiological reactions representing modes of adaptation to certain environmental stimuli or of oneself. Psychologically, emotions alter attention, make up the ranks certain behaviors guide individuals' responses and activate relevant associative networks in memory.


Leadership is the set of capabilities that a person has to influence the minds of people or a group of determined people, making this team work with enthusiasm, but the reality is different, in achieving goals and objectives. It is also understood as the ability to take initiative, manage, hold, promote, encourage, motivate and evaluate a group or team. In business management leadership is the exercise of executive activity in a project effectively and efficiently, whether personal or institutional management (within the administrative process of the organization).

Major sources of job stress at Parkway and plan to reduce stress among employees

Since there is no agreement in place to give a single definition of stress, stress will be referred to as pressure, tension or force exerted on a system. The human stress includes psychological and mental stress. Too much of each one can lead to fatigue or damage to the system it affects. Psychologists' calls stress the normal result of exposure to different stimuli. For example, physical changes produced while a person is exposed to stress, a psychological injury, infection, cold, heat stroke, X-ray, or any other, is what we call stress. The problem is that there is stress in itself, but prolonged stress and uncontrolled. When the body remains in an excited state after the crisis has passed, ...