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Patient Rights: The Robert Courtney Case

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Patient Rights: The Robert Courtney Case


Detention of Pharmacist, Robert Courtney took place in 2002, as he was found guilty of diluting Gemzar and Taxol, which are used to treat patients suffering from cancer. A sting operation resulted in the arrest of Robert Courtney, undertaken by FBI. Drugs found from Pharmacy were sent to FDA to testing. The test result showed drugs contained only 1 to 39 % of active ingredients instead of 100%. On charges of adulteration of medicines and serious injuries, Courtney was arrested by authorities.

The Rights of Patients and Obligations of a Healthcare Personal

Patients seek doctors and physicians in order to cure their diseases and live a healthy life. This is the major role of health care service providers. A patient expects to be understood by his healthcare personal. It is important to create a trustful relationship between patient and physician. Patient expects that the physician will provide appropriate medication to him. Patient also expects that the provided medication will heal the problem and the patient will get healthy soon. The basic right of the patient is to be provided with appropriate care and medications. Patients are not medical graduates and; therefore, do not poses any medical knowledge. Therefore, they are totally dependent on physicians guide.

Violation of Rights, and Role of a Pharmacist

Off course, Georgia Hayes and many other patients were wronged by Robert Courtney, as their medicine was diluted by the pharmacist. As discussed earlier, it is a basic right of a patient that he/she should be provided with the right guidance and medications. In this case, Hayes was given diluted medicines. One oncologist testified that she possibly missed her best opportunity for a treatment since she received diluted medicine, and will perhaps not stay alive due to ovarian ...
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