Patients Care Assessment

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Patients Care Assessment

Patients Care Assessment


Throughout this allotment the absolutely vital underpinning values of the nursing assessment method exploring what it is, why we do it and what factors leverage the nursing process will be discussed. Also considered in this paper will be the holistic aspects of the evaluation process as well as an example of an evaluation tool I used on a latest placement. Iwill discover the effectiveness of my evaluation and focus the handicaps which I came across. Are the values for evaluation actually the foundation of good practice?

The nursing method is unique, as is the nurse - persevering relationship. A model for nursing, offers a framework for nurses to be able to ensure that individuality is taken into account when undertaking nursing care. In order to ensure that all aspects of an individual's life are integrated into an effective plan of care, a problem solving approach and the nursing process in conjunction with their model for nursing (Snodgrass, 340).


An evaluation is generally conveyed out when the doctor first encounters a patient. Assessment may be carried out on a daily basis to check the relevance of the care plan and to identify whether there is improvement or detraction in the patient. Assessment is generally conveyed out before a patient is discharged from the clinic to identify if there is a need to continue care when the persevering is in their own environment. This may be a joint assessment which involves other members of the multi disciplinary team, such as district nurses (D'Antonio, 280). With a holistic individualised evaluation the doctor can give the patient care based on their exact needs interior and outside of hospital. Observations and interview are two key procedures of getting information when assessing. Whilst bearing out observations and meetings a variety of methods should be used to double-check that the evaluation is successful.

Nursing assessments are conveyed out for numerous reasons. They are mostly carried out to support the doctor to double-check that the patient obtains the right care which assists a speedy recovery and help avert reoccurrence of the problem, which will outcome in the patient not needing a hospital bed and therefore setting free it for another patient. Roper (1980) makes it clear that nursing is intensified on helping people to contend and adapt with problems. The ongoing evaluation of a persevering can work out whether a patient's dependence or independence is influenced when bearing out activities. Alexander et al (2003) suggest that assessment should be used as a structure when in a perform setting. Wright (1990) acquiesces by stating that evaluation is a helpful device when bearing out evaluations the doctor desires to take a holistic approach which needs the doctor to look at the entire picture when considering, taking into account, not only the patient's difficulty but their general lifestyle and how they will contend after they have been released home. Any approach to wellbeing care that emphasizes the patient's total well-being, encompassing psychological, communal and religious as well ...
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