Paula Rego's Paintings

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Paula Rego's paintings

Paula Rego's paintings


Our work gets intended to explore the ambiguous sexual relationship that exists between the characters in Paula Rego's paintings. After looking at her painting, it was clear to us that there is something unique about her painting and every painting of her poses a deep theme which gets reflected through sexual postures and expressions. We intend to approach the devising from a post structuralism view using theories such as intersexuality and dialogism to develop the ways in which we could portray the different interpretations of the sexual relationships between the characters. We intend to play around with the idea of status and repetition. The aim of our group is that, we want to portray to our audience the differing interpretations one could take from the paintings and capture the way in which a viewers mind interprets the paintings and portray them to our audience. There are different angles through which a person's sees and analyze the painting. So being a group of different members, our basic purpose of the study was to study Paula Rego's painting and give our own opinion regarding the theme presented in the particular painting. It is obvious that there is no painting that does not have a theme. A painter has something in her/his mind which he tries to portrays through his/her painting. As a group, we rehearsed 4 times a week we were the only group that was ahead with rehearsals we had problems with people's opinions or suggestion in the group because that would always leave us behind as we could not make our decision with what to stick with. In the end, we went with Paula Rego's paintings and our own peculiar ideas.

Paula Rego's Painting

Early work by Paula Rego, dated 1960-70 years, performed in the spirit of neo-Dada. Using mixed media, collage and painting, she plays with a baby, fetish, traumatic images that would eventually be characterized her relaxed style. It got characterized by images of patterns, intricate shapes, animals, imaginary objects. Paula Rego was a member of "London Group", got exhibited with artists such as David Hockney and RB China. Rego eventually developed their own recognizable style, largely illustrative, even a little comical, related to Lucien Freud, but with a strong tinge of influence of books Beatrix Potter (Beatrix Potter) and scary fairy tales. Her works often show the dark side images, emphasizing the dominance of evil or the overthrow of the usual order of things (Fiona, 2002, pp. 32). Sometimes the artist get drawn to social issues and relationships that polemic, an example would be her Triptych (1998), on abortion (found in the collection of Abbot Hall Art Gallery in Kendal). Rego style often compared to the cartoons and book illustrations. As in fairy tales, animals got often depicted in human roles and situations. More recent work Rego made in a more truthful manner, but often retain the association with animals, such as in a series of pastels Dog Woman of the 1990s, ...
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