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Pedagogy of Science

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I am of the belief that the term religion is something that matters for the majority of the people. Speaking fundamentally it the human being who is the religious creatures and meaning makers of God worshiping him in different ways. These Idols are man-made, and people worship their faith, belief, or even an idea crafted by the humans themselves so as to endure a meaning to life. Educational practices that were generated for the Christian people in the education system formal can be described as the result of the relationship between Christian culture and their God. Understanding this requires referring to the genesis of these relationships. However, on the other hand, the contacts between Christians and God are the main to understand that education is the service done for God's people. The commandments of God have a higher place and therefore, people ought to understand the main essence of acquiring and providing education (Colin, 1970).


The world is nothing but a place for human beings that give them their philosophical answers. The human beings view the world and the whole universe so as to interpret from it through a differing perspective (Keith, 1984). This standpoint is known as a worldview, which is merely a set of human beliefs enabling a person to acquire the answers of the following four (4) questions:

1.Who am I (i.e. who I am as a human being)?

2.Where am I? (which means that what is the world meant for me)

3.What is wrong? (the issues, the dilemmas, even the concerns regarding oneself)

4.What is the remedy? (this means, how one single individual or a cluster of people can work together to identify the solution to the issues)

The question regarding an individual's identity seeks to detect the nature, mission, along with the main aim and determination of being humanoid. It is however, essential to understand that there is a huge difference between the humans, along with the rest of the creatures on earth. It is mandatory to distinguish ourselves as a human being and the environment of the world and cosmos wherein we live. This issue challenges an individual to distinguish what is right, good, attractive and valuable, just as in my case. Therefore, I am of belief and I also second with the writer that the worldview empowers an individual to make important judgments in their life (Norman, 1989).

On the other hand from the ...
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