Perceptions Of Preparedness For Disaster Management Among Nurses In Saudi Arabia

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Perceptions of Preparedness for Disaster Management among Nurses in Saudi Arabia



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Over the last three decades the number of disasters occurring globally has more than tripled. However, the frequency of dramatic natural events has remained fairly constant. The reason why disasters are increasing whilst the number of natural events has stayed the same can be attributed to human activities and the fact that people are placing themselves in more vulnerable situations. An essential component of the National Response Framework is a state's capability to respond quickly and effectively to a crisis, which includes providing a health care workforce that is competent in the most basic competencies of emergency preparedness. Nurse licensure is regulated on a state by state basis with each state assuming the responsibility of licensing and regulating nurses practicing within the state's borders. The mission of each state board of nursing is to assist in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Continued competence, where nurses bear the responsibility to maintain competency through self-assessment and self-limitation is a component of each state board of nursing's mission. The purpose of this study is to understand the perception of preparedness among nurses for disaster management in Saudi Arabia.






Background of the Study1

Research Aims and Objectives5

Research Questions5

Scope of the Study5

Method Used6

Structure of the thesis6

Chapter I: Introduction6

Chapter II: Literature Review7

Chapter III: Methodology7

Chapter IV: Analysis and Discussion7

Chapter V: Conclusion and Recommendation8

Summary of the Chapter8



Types of Disaster11

External Disaster11

Natural Disasters12

Man-made Disasters12

Internal Disaster12

Disaster Management13

Disaster Management Concept15

Nurses Roles in Disaster Preparedness16

Saudi Arabia and Disaster22

History of Disaster in Saudi Arabia22

Risks of Disaster in Saudi Arabia25

Disaster ...
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