Performance Enhancing Drugs: Norbolethone And Tetrahydrogestrinone Steroids

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Performance Enhancing Drugs: Norbolethone and Tetrahydrogestrinone Steroids

Performance Enhancing Drugs: Norbolethone and Tetrahydrogestrinone Steroids


Enhancement of athletic performance has been attempted throughout human history. People have tried to overcome the limitations of the human body through training or by using artificial substances or methods. Although proper training can improve performance, there are natural limits to the degree of improvement that can be achieved. However, with alterations in the body's own chemistry, certain substances or methods can allow athletes to perform beyond the normal physiological limits. Pharmaceuticals can be used for different purposes from those originally intended. Many common medications that are used for sick patients are unfortunately abused and taken by healthy athletes with the sole purpose of improving their athletic performance, although these medications have the potential for doing irreversible damage.

Today, there are many technologies that can enhance human performance, from medications to genetic engineering. Some people believe that we have a right to modify our bodies; others fear that performance enhancement can be dangerous and only results in short-term gains while having long-term detrimental consequences. Unequal access to such enhancements is also feared if such practices were to become commonly accepted (Drug Free Sport, 2012).

The purpose of this research paper is to give the readers an idea about the performance enhancing drugs that basically consumed by the athletes and the other sports players. For this purpose, the author carried out the research by focusing on the two main popular and most selling performance enhancing drugs that are Norbolethone and Tetrahydrogestrinone steroids. To give the readers a better understanding of the concept, the author tried to present enough evidence regarding the performance enhancing drugs by covering the different aspects of the WADA as well as the federal law that basically designed for this purpose. Similarly, the author also discussed the effect of the above mentioned steroids on the body and how it enhance the performance. At last the author presented own critical analysis and findings that how to minimize the role of the drugs in the sports industry could be possible.

Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Performance-enhancing drugs are typically used by athletes, including recreational athletes, to improve in their specific sport. Over time, drug use has become increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect. Many sports organizations have developed rules and regulations for the use of performance-enhancing substances. Although there is currently no single organization that governs all sports, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) monitors all Olympic athletes as well as several independent professional sports. Many countries and Olympic sports have their own anti-doping organizations that are affiliated with WADA. WADA, like many anti-doping organizations, provides testing, education, research, and results management in the hope of preventing athletes from using banned substances and methods.

Main Findings

Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids usually come to mind when people discuss performance-enhancing drugs. There are over a hundred different types of anabolic steroids, which makes it difficult to design a test to detect their use in athletes. Although many of the athletes who use these drugs are recreational weight lifters, many professional ...