Performance Monitoring Console

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Performance Monitoring Console

Performance Monitoring Console


The task of system administration to keep up with the challenges of today's computing infrastructure has become a daunting task especially when the human resource assigned to monitor it is limited. More and more areas of computing infrastructure require acute attention and constant monitoring. Companies and corporations working with highly interconnected systems and planning to utilize the features of cloud computing need equip themselves with modern monitoring tools to enable them in keeping a vigilant eye on the infrastructure and performance. Previously separate tools were available in keep the administrators up to date with performance of application servers, databases, storage networks, networks, applications and workstations. Now companies have developed integrated suites which monitor, manage and measure the performance of each of the components of the computing infrastructure. We will be exploring the possibility of viewing the performance of the entire infrastructure in one screen. We will review the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. We will also look into the possibility of number of servers which can view on the screen and they need to be categorized for viewing on one screen.


The critical review of performance of server applications is not so easy if the systems are disbursed into various sections. Such distributed systems are very difficult in trouble shooting situations. The latest IT solution for performances management has provided the enhanced solutions for trouble shooting the problems and integrating the performance systems into one system that provides the overlook at one glance. Today the IT systems have provided the networks and application software for the integration of servers in the departments. It has also provided the systematic infrastructures to control the multiple functions at the same time. The following demo screen is an example the product offered by CA Technologies performance management software. It monitors all the components of the network and provides the administrator with a view of problem areas. The performance factors are also viewable in the screen.

Figure 1: Demo screen of CA - Application Performance Management. (CA, 2012)

Figure 2: CA- Application Performance Management.

Other companies like HP and IBM has also devised similar solutions. Companies like HP have also enabled their systems to be integrated with Cloud to enable virtual environment monitoring (Mala, 2012).

The effective performance monitoring management system includes gaining the information and having the look on the customer related activities that involves new and existing customers' statuses, the other information involve the rate of returns, the sales generated, turnover generated by each departments or segmentations, the overview of scenario by placing the filters to gain the insight of the existing information. The other aspect of monitoring system may involve the payment term on part of the customers as well as on part of the businesses. The performance monitoring systems also allows the insight view of the balances of ROI and other profit indicators of the segments and it also helps in analyzing the bad debts of the organization that shows the draw backs or malfunctions in any of the ...