Personal Admission Essay

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Personal Admission essay

Personal Admission essay

It is very important for us to make goals in order to achieve them. Without proper focus, one can easily fall off the track and become loser and I believe, new technology skills, advanced studies and critical thinking are very important for advancement and success in today's rapidly growing workforce.

I will strive to be a remarkable asset to your college all of my time. I prefer to look at problems from different views. I am never shy about asking questions in class or expressing my views and discussing on any topic. I prefer a logical approach to education and prefer to listen instead of just talking in class. I always think first before doing any work. I am very fond of reading poetry. “Those Winter Sundays” written by Robert Hayden is my favorite poem. In fact, Those Winter Sundays is one of the several poems written by Hayden.

My grades for junior year were a little low because of the language barrier and my efforts to settle down in the new environment by myself. My grades for Senior year's first marking period are pretty good. I have straight A's . Even though I am taking Chem. AP and Calculus AB. I am also taking Physics Ap and Environmental Science Ap for next sem. I am planning to live on myown without taking any from my parents for my tuition.

The poem revolves around a son and a father. It tells about a person who recollects and describes the memories of childhood and his relationship with his father. The memories of childhood almost seem to haunt the narrator and make him develop a feeling of guilt. He appreciates the actions of his father and curse himself for not responding amicably. He feels sorry for his ignorance as a ...
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