Personal And Professional Development

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Personal and Professional Development

Key areas of personal and professional development


The essay will focus on the key personal and professional development skills required for future personal development and successful career progression. I will be discussing the key aspects of professional and personal development. The focus of the essay will be on the communication skills as it's the most influential and a key aspect of professional development. Good communication skills can significantly contribute towards a professional career progression as well as in the personal life. It is said rightly “you can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere” by (Lee Iacocca, P-328).


The need for competent communication dates back to the beginning of time. It has always been necessary to have effective and appropriate interaction among citizens who are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to sustain a progressive citizenry. I have identified following prominent key personal and professional development skills which are as follows

Empathic listening - listen to the people and try to understand their point of view because “in order to influence, you need to get influenced first”.

Be positive and eagerness for learning - try to find out positive thing in every aspect of life, accepting the reality and acting accordingly. Take everything as a challenge and try to give your best irrespective of the outcomes.

Continuous learning - continuously upgrade yourself with the latest innovation and advancements in your subject area.

Personal excellence - set goals for yourself and try to achieve those goals by doing your best.

Appreciate the moment - live the moment and stay happy with what you have.

Honesty and integrity - be honest with yourself and with your work. Don't opt for short cuts, because in the long run they will be disadvantageous.

Know yourself - explore yourself and know your strength and weaknesses.

Embrace change - ready for change and accept it with a positive attitude and it already being said “one thing is constant change”. If you will not change and upgrade yourself with time then you will undoubtedly left behind.

Embrace your mistakes and work hard to further improve yourself.

Balance in personal and professional life.

Do what you are best at (find your excitement).

Problem solving - Not just identify the problem, but also try to come with the solution.

Teamwork - work together with other peers and colleagues and work to create “synergy”.

Leadership skills - develop leadership skills and always try to look up for a bigger picture and think beyond individualism.

Ethical practice - being ethical is a key factor for success.

Knowledge of subject matter and critical thinking.

All of the above mentioned personal and professional skills are vital for successful personal and career development. However, the most valuable skill required to succeed in personal and professional life is the interpersonal skill. The significance of interpersonal skills is so evident that you cannot progress in your professional and personal life unless you master this skill. Consider a person who is highly intelligent and posses many creative ideas but he ...
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