Personal Evaluation

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Personal Evaluation

Personal Evaluation


The system of personnel evaluation is complicated and troublesome enough process. It consists of several toolkits, which are quite strongly associated with the basic functions of personnel management. In particular, these include the recruitment, training, development, placement and motivation of personnel, supervision, as well as compensation and benefits. The European Institute of Education and Recruitment for over ten years successfully prepares professionals in the industry. The Institute has developed its own method of evaluation of personnel, including not only certification, interviewing and testing, and full business games that give the most detailed and accurate results. Evaluation of personnel in the enterprise is an important and urgent process to date. Thanks to him the process of becoming more productive and more intense. Verification of personnel to meet the criteria of both the psychological and behavioral in the sense it contributes to the successful development and creation of favorable conditions for career employees. Attendees will receive valuable skills, learn about the theoretical basis and practical application of knowledge, appropriate management will learn the concepts and terms, will learn the analysis and evaluation of staff creating their own systems (Bingham, 1991).


Evaluation means making judgments about a particular issue and involves a research process. In principle, the assessment is synonymous with appraisal, estimate or valuation. Evaluation is the action permanent through which seeks to determine, assess and make judgments about the development process the student, seeking to determine who advances have made regarding proposed accomplishments, which knowledge acquired or constructed and to what extent they are appropriate, what skills and have developed skills, attitudes and values that have made and so far these been consolidated. The Evaluation is an ongoing construction project with an eye toward the future, to contribute processes to improve students' education. Thus, the evaluation becomes a dynamic element and regulator of the educational process.

The personnel evaluation system is best applicable for evaluating individual within and outside the organization. It primarily used by corporations and companies who want to evaluate individuals to judge their performance (Wallace, 1978). The 3 state agencies of personal evaluation system are as follows:

Worker/employee evaluation

Evaluation is a process for measuring performance of the worker in order to reach an objective decision making on human resources. Modern organizations use the evaluation of workers for wage increases, training and development needs and provide documentation to support the actions of staff turnover. Consequently, a well-managed assessment serves as a tool for monitoring and staff development (Bernstein, 2004). The evaluation of the worker becomes a process of stimulating or judge the value, excellence and performance qualities of a worker, is a management tool, essential in regulatory activity, and helps to determine appropriate human resources policies to needs of the organization.

Teacher evaluation

First-class education is essential to improve student achievement and reduce the achievement gaps. The evaluation system of teacher performance provides teachers useful assessments that promote learning and development professionals. The process designed to promote the professional development of teachers and identify areas where they need additional support (Brookover, ...
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