Personal Influence In The Adoption Of Technological Change

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Personal Influence in the Adoption of Technological Change

Personal Influence: In the Adoption of Technological Change


Technology is the direct result of the human desire to persistently solve the mysterious of the environment. It has played its part as a catalyst of change in the human development, throughout history. Technology has a vital influence on the standards of living among the human society, and it also impacts the dynamics of the society as well. It does not only provide human beings with the advanced tools to perform their tasks more effectively and efficiently, but it also provides a platform through which the people can venture into the unknown. It was technology that showed the caveman the utility of the circular stone; which became the cornerstone of the modern world, and in the recent past it helped the human beings venture beyond the confines of this planet and entered outer space. Through these radical changes the human societies have also simultaneously evolved. In this paper we will discuss the very process of technological change and what are the components that lead to this change. The impact of technological advancement on the development of the human society will also be critically analyzed.

Personal Influence: In The adoption of technological change


Technological advancement is only an organic process of the human development. As man's ability to comprehend the dynamics of the environment has increased, his inventiveness and skill to develop advanced technological breakthrough also increases. The human society has always showed reservations regarding the forces of change, which in the past resulted in the relatively slower development of the technological progress. The Industrial revolution which drastically changed the course of human history was initially seen as a threat by the existing society as a threat to the traditional order (Boguki, 1999). Science has always been a target of the outdated and religious extremist views of the historic medieval society. However the advent of the industrial revolution and its benefits to the entire human society finally proved the significance of this phenomenon. The Industrial revolution highlighted the role of science in the development of the human society, and it was thought in the 1930s and 40s that science and engineering could help solve most of the social and political dilemmas of the human society.

The restoration of the human society's confidence of the technological change has resulted in the exponential growth experienced after the Nineteenth century (Hohenemer & Kasperson, 1982). Without technology this growth could not have been possible. Technology has been responsible for changes that have transcended numerous changes in the human social, economical and political aspects. Technological progrees has also evolved the human kind's reasoning and decision making skills. It has given us the ability to bestow upon the world rules and policies based on equality and universal fairness. The man's higher thinking capabilities are a direct result of his pursuit to achieve technological advancement. Man has been able to become the master of his environment and fate due to the powers given by the technological progress; ...
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