Personal Leadership History Report

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Personal Leadership History Report


The research study provides the personal leadership history of a well organized and vibrant individual who has a long career in leading different sorts of groups in various working scenarios. His leadership attributes are a fine reflection of preferring extraversion over introversion, intuition over sensing, thinking over feeling and judging over perceiving. The study explores the conceptual patterns and actual practices of a versatile leader having capability to attain organizational goals through effective leadership.

Personal Leadership History Report


Leadership is the skill of influencing the behaviors of other people to lead them towards the attainment of a common goal or objective in a systematic manner (Peters, 2005). I strongly believe that an ideal leader is one who not only lead but infuses a drastic level of positivity and commitment in his group to trigger their pace towards materializing the destined goals (Rath & Conchie, 2009). In my long career of leading different groups towards different paths in various operational frameworks, I have realized that leadership is not just about what you want to achieve, it is all about “how you will make people feel connected and determined to achieve things desired by you”(Dubri, 2012).

Leadership Experience

I have a long career in leading and directing different people at multiple forefronts embedded in the framework of increasing responsibility among my team. I am a Security Cleared Disaster Preparedness Specialist with a TS/ SCI clearance. These days I am supporting the National Continuity Programs Directorate of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in terms of developing Continuity of Government (COG) exercise requirements, analysis, documentation, and implementation supporting NSPD's national Continuity Policy. I successfully met all of the requirements and reached the position of certified Professional Continuity Practitioner Level I.

My extensive approach towards leadership helped me achieve the status of Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Exercise design and coordination, Facilitation, developing evaluation methodology, preparing collection plans, analysis of functional areas, developing training objectives, briefing senior leaders, developing executive summaries and after action reviews and implementation plans. My services at Army Operations Center's Crisis Action Team (CAT) coupled with successful development, document preparation, organization and facilitation of the standard operating procedure. I have been providing contractual support to agencies in conducting policy analysis, program support, and training and exercise support for emergency management, Emergency Operations Center and other homeland security programs. I was selected to lead exercise Readiness Capability (REDCAP) in 2010 where my foremost responsibility was to monitor the customer's performance and provide sufficient feedback for rectifying inadequacies from the system. One of the most important positions contributing productively towards my leadership experience was being an analyst for the customers of State of the Union Address (SOTUA) in 2011. I was assigned to ensure that all agency's Continuity Status Reporting (CSR) was working in a timely manner for which I was awarded “Timely Award”. I have been affiliated with the National Exercise Program (NEP), of the Department of Homeland Security DHS for providing assistance in the development of Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) and the ...
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