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Philosophy Regarding Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities


Philosophy Regarding Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities

The essay describes the characteristics of students with mild disabilities like Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).When preparing to teach a course, I first determine what big ideas are covered in the course, and then strive to organize the course to highlight these ideas.

The Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) with or without hyperactivity is a chronic medical syndrome that appears in childhood, adolescence and persists in a large majority of cases continues to adulthood. When left untreated, this condition can cause learning disabilities with significant effects on educational attainment and employability, and may cause difficulties in social and family as well as problems related to addiction and crime (Biederman, 2005).

Distraction, impulsivity and disorganization are characteristic features of attention deficit disorder in young people and adults. The student concerned has often very difficult to remain attentive to initiate tasks, organizing, planning a series of activities or ignore all forms of entertainment. He tends to forget appointments and miss deadlines. His inattention to detail makes him do the work drafts, quickly and without revision (Currie, 2005).

A student who has an Attention Deficit Disorder can often appear to us by failing to repeat their mistakes, despite good intentions and serious efforts. It feels so great difficulties in certain subjects (for example, math, grammar, and reading, and writing). Therefore, it is more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Resistance to follow the paths already established is another important characteristic of Attention Deficit Disorder. The student must do things his way.

The severity of symptoms varies for each student. For some, symptoms are persistent regardless of the circumstances while for others the same symptoms appear in the presence of certain conditions. We must also understand that the Attention Deficit Disorder does ...
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