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Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Cover Letter

Hello, dear (name of the CEO),

My name is Tamara Pogosian. I am an expert in the field (your scope). I have specialized education and experience Business Administration and Management 2008 - 2010. I am writing you with a view to possibly work in your organization, positions related to administration, client service dealing, business management, accounting and financial handling, administration and management functions. I have an 11 years experience in the field of business management, accounting and client services.

Your company impressed me / interested in (list of virtues, which are applying what you know, for example, competitiveness, prestige, the desire for leadership, good character, caring staff, your price list compares favourably with similar companies, product quality, and many others. etc.). In this structure, I would like to develop their professional skills, bringing tangible benefits of the company. After reviewing the request, I have come to the conclusion, that I can fully comply with this position because (list the evidence, such as relevant experience, professional education, you are out of the appropriate scope, approach the other parameters).

I can be useful in accounting and finance functions like bank statement reconciliation, management of fixed assets, account receivable management. I have also a professional experience in managing accounts receivable bills, dealing with insurance companies, and front desk assistance and customer satisfaction. I have also participated in training of new employees. I have also performed the tasks of management of marketing materials distribution, and payments collection. In short I can say that I have an experience of all the clerical and managerial work. I assure you that my abilities, enthusiasm, and professional experience will be a contributing factor in your organization's success.

So please consider my resume and in case of interest to schedule a personal interview. Priority contact: tel. _____

Sincerely, ...
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