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Personal Statement for University of California Application

Personal Statement for University of California Application

Learning never ends- All Seas and oceans of knowledge cannot quench my thirst of learning. This is the way I am, and this is the reason I am living. I feel fortunate and proud being a student. I have always engaged in a progression of questioning for success, until I found the concept of “Success”. I want to make my future by completing my Degree in Nutrition Science from University of California. This is the area of my concentration and will be cause of my succession.

This was not a one night dream; I have given my 100% potentials and dedication in my life and make a ladder of success. My steps and hardworking include completing my college and graduation degree with my deliberation and painstaking attitude. I want to move further with my hard work and efforts. Auspiciously, I am one of the students who have privileged with the studies from Hong Kong for further studies. I would like to apply for Degree program in U.S.A in University of California, which will help me to step ahead in my succession ladder. I developed further interest for this subject after gaining a lot of weight due to consuming junk foods. I wanted to help young girls follow a healthy diet plan. I also wanted to do some volunteer work in a charity organization and plan their daily nutritional diet plans.

I am involved in volunteer work since I came to America and settled in comfortably. I have been volunteering at the International Education Center (IEC) at Diablo Valley College. The IEC helps new students from different countries in solving their daily personal problems. This organization helped me a lot when I was a stranger in this unfamiliar country. The work includes helping students to set up their bank accounts and helping with transport issues. Since I was a part of a group of new students, I am able to relate with the students I help through IEC. I used to feel lost in this new world, and I see the same fear in the eyes of new students. I used to be scared to use another language when expressing myself. I volunteer at IEC so that I can help these people to feel better and acclimatize with the unfamiliar surroundings. Even after graduating from IEC, I went there to volunteer.

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