Personal Training Csae Study

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Personal Training Csae Study

Personal Training Case Study

Selected Individual

Jane works as a project manager for a company that produces medical equipment. She has worked for several years on software that will run in a suite of intensive care equipment. The software monitors heartbeat, breathing rate and so on and records these in a log. More importantly it also triggers an alarm when the patient's condition becomes unstable or critical. The software has been developed over a long period but is particularly error-prone. It now appears to be functioning correctly but, from looking at the amount of testing that has been carried out and the number of errors that were uncovered, Jane estimates that the software still contains a significant number of faults.

When she reports this to her manager at the end of the testing cycle she is informed that no more testing is to be carried out and that the equipment will soon be on the market as an upgrade to the company's existing intensive care equipment.

When Jane protests about this and points out that errors could have fatal consequences she is informed that the decision has been taken and that it is no longer her responsibility. Nevertheless she is extremely worried about the possibility of errors occurring when the machines are in service and wonders whether she should do more to prevent this.

Personal Training Plan

This training plan is going to have a lot of strong sides as well as weak sides. On the strong side we have the experience of some of our members in a similar project, and almost everyone involve in the company has had some kind of training experience. The members of the team also have the advantage of being about in the same status than the de- sire target market which gives us a clear concept of what people our age and with similar life style is missing in the youth experience. As every good side has its bad side, we are also lacking on some areas. Training plan, at the moment has only one person with experience as a personal trainer, and is not certified yet. All the other members that are going to be taking part as trainers have to start from point blank and become trainers. So the whole personal training staff has to get certified, a process that can be done in a weekend. Training plan team has also thought about hiring certified personal trainers to also do the job as one trainer can only handle a limited amount of customers at a time. The hiring staff process will be done as the company starts to grow and we feel like the extra staff is going to be required. As a provider of personal work-out on the web we are also going to need some kind of software that combines the description of the customer with the correct set of exercises. We are in the process of solving all this details, and everything is going as ...
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