Personality Traits

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Personality Traits

Personality Traits


This study is concern the general framework of my professional and personal leadership development of strategic management at my organization. I will be presenting the details about what I consider to be in my current or future role for my clients, my team, my organization and myself. It is followed by the narratives of what I look like at my best with the understanding of my previous experiences (Matthews, 2003, pp.24). This report will reflect how I perform in current role with others and also the skills and strengths I have developed and discovered. This strategic management position is designed for people who aim to:

Improve the competitiveness of my organization

Optimize the strategic utilization of resources

Communicate effectively inside and outside the organization

Develop the management of my team into a coherent, mutually supportive and motivated group of people.

The reflective nature of personal development planning (PDP) is of increasing importance in higher education, and is recognized by employers as an indicator of an individual who is capable of learning from experiences. Reporting on feedback from employers of graduates, said that engaging in the process of reflection is just as important as the resulting portfolio of evidence. So an ability to reflect on the experience of the learning activity is just as important as achievement of the actual product of the learning.

In this assignment the main objective is to analyze myself to the information that I have gained. To fulfill this objective it is imperative to perform the process of personal inventory. For this purpose I would use different tools of performing the process of personality inventory. These tools include LCI, MBTI, and Chinese Five Element Theory. By utilizing these tools the main objective is to understand myself in context to my personality traits, learning styles, strengths, weaknesses and attempt to apply this understanding to an analysis of my leadership style and analyze my leadership ability. All the courses and curriculum in this program is designed with the perspective of learning community format the basic purpose of which is to learn together. In order to accomplish this purpose of learning together it is indispensable to develop a complete understanding of your own self. There are different perspectives in which one can understand oneself. For instance, understanding oneself in the perspective of team and in the perspective of an organization. This assignment is devised to gain the knowledge about oneself. With the attempt of this assignment one would be able to get the complete insight of oneself.

How I need to be in my current role?

I need to be for my clients:





For my team

Able to adapt my leadership style

Able to effectively manage performance issues

Clear about the team's mission and vision

Contributing to positive emotions

Able to convey the key lessons of organizational effectiveness through stories of my own workplace experiences

Team work collaboration for my organization




Acting in ways that are clearly aligned with the vision, values, and strategy

Able ...
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