Personalized Nutrition And Workout Plan

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Personalized Nutrition and workout PlaN

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan


I am a female, age 43, who has been diagnosed obesity problem and my goal is to loose 40lb. There are various health issues are linked to increased weight and include (a) heart disease, (b) diabetes, and (c) cancer. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the and doctors fear the trend toward obesity, including a lack of a sensible diet and exercises regimen, will continue the trend of heart disease being the primary killer. Given the concerns of doctors I should closely examine my dietary intake, develop a diet and exercise plan, and implement the plan to ensure I take care of my health and preventing disease.

Targeted Problem

My family annals shows a greater chance of evolving high cholesterol, high body-fluid pressure, and diabetes. I have gained a lot of weight this is a concern since diabetes runs heavily in my family. This means that I have a slightly elevated risk for high blood force contrasted to the rest of the general population. My body mass catalogue is not where I want it to be at the moment. Therefore, as cited overhead, I am habitually observing what I put in my mouth and I am very vigilant about my daily workout routine.

Ihave determined, from the recommendations showed by the USDA and analyzing my diet design against USDA measures for a healthy diet that my diet is inherently healthy. Ihave arrive to the deduction, after analyzing my sodium intake grades, that my diet is not as healthy as originally supposed. On Day 1, my sodium intake was 1,572 mg and bigger on Day 2 to 2,765 mg. Idetermined my sodium intake is too high after comparing my every day averages against USDA standards for sodium intake, which is 500 mg.

A person should restrict the amount of sodium he or she consumes in a day if susceptible to sodium-induced hypertension; however, sodium is not the only cause of hypertension. Three factors precede sodium as a cause of hypertension and include (a) physical inactivity, (b) obesity, and (c) alcohol abuse (Shape Fit, 2008). My carbohydrate intake is also higher than I would like it to be, as the increased consumption of carbohydrates can lead to heart disease and certain types of cancers. I have determined I am my predisposed to disease and disability as I age because of the current intake of sodium and carbohydrates and I must develop a plan to ensure I am meeting my dietary needs, in accordance with USDA guidelines, and selecting foods that will reduce my overall risks of heart and diabetes while preventing a recurrence of bulimia.

Nutrition and Exercise Plan

Nutrition Plan

The number one thing I need to do in order to maintain a healthy weight is to watch what I eat on a daily basis. This is my first nutritional goal. Eating healthy seems like a simple thing to do, but for many people it is ...
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