Persuasive Essay To Employer

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Persuasive Essay to Employer

Persuasive Essay to Employer

In today's increasingly global and competitive business environment, we must plan faster and do more with potentially less budget and resources. At the same time, we must be incredibly efficient and more precise with every decision, while complying with regulatory requirements. With the changing scenario organizations have started updating of their basic elements. Workforce, undoughtedly forms the most vital element of any organization. Companies should invest in their Employees by making their education reimbursement policies flexible.Thesis: Since Workforce is a stake holder of any organization so it is conspicuous that it demands for a periodic dose of training and education so as to keep their skill sets up to date. The ever increasing competition has spurted the need of educating employees to transform them into virtuosos. This demand for financial & motivational support from the organization.

Being a part of your organization from last five years I have closely observed the changing needs of the Industry. Since Enterprises now days are vying for speedy success, we need to adapt modern technologies for a healthy growth. Our organization demands for highly trained professionals in newly emerging technologies .At this time, there are many technologies like SAP which are growing rapidly in the market. SAP is the largest European software enterprise and the fourth largest in the world, with headquarters in Walldorf, Germany .I have an extreme desire to witness and to be a part of the growth of our organization. To fully explore one's potential one needs proper training, so do I. Without proper tools & training potential is worthless. I am glad to say that I have been selected for an Executive Training Program for SAP Technology. I want to utilize this once in a life time opportunity for the growth of our organization. I need howling support of my organization for this purpose. As I have many responsibilities towards my family and others, my current financial status doesn't allow me to bear the expensive cost of this program .To hone my abilities I also need few hours to devote on my SAP training from my daily working hours. I call for your maximum support in this regard.

To help us transform our organization into one that is performance driven, we need solutions that link together our processes and data to provide a common view of our business. SAP solutions for enterprise performance management ...
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