Persuasive Speech On An Important Issue: Global Warming

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Persuasive Speech on an Important Issue: Global Warming



Covers the initial phase of the speech and covers initial notions in-respect to the topic for the speech (global warming)

Emphasizes about the modern history and the disturbance in environment Global Warming

Discusses the over all scenario of global warming and what is the phenomenon is all about

Focuses on the way it develops the and creates the change in the environment.


Highlights the intensity of the problems attach with global warming

Effects the climate and overall eco-system

Our Role

Tells what we can do to improve the scenario


Provides the ending note of the speech


Good morning everyone today at this valued occasion in front of my colleagues and respected teacher I would like to give a speech on a very serious topic. The concern, which is hurting, everyone around the world is Global Warming. Thus, I would like to highlight various aspects that evolve around the phenomenon global warming which most of the people are not taking it seriously.

Since the onset of the industrial revolution (1750), human activities have altered the atmospheric composition of the Earth, significantly impacting the terrestrial energy balance. The burning of fossil fuels has significantly increased the amount of particulate matter and concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs), most notably carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O), into the atmosphere. The overall impact of human, industrial activities on global climate has been a pronounced warming effect, as GHG increases have enhanced the atmospheric greenhouse effect and reduced the amount of outgoing radiation from the Earth. Although global climate change occurs with the natural process, (e.g., volcanic eruptions, insulation variability), the rate of change is much slower, occurring over millennia rather than the rapid anthropogenic induced climate changes observed over the past century with the modern industrial era. Global climate change impact scenarios have sparked an international debate on policy initiatives for balancing global climate change reduction measures with continued industrial development.

Moreover, I would like to highlight that even if human ingenuity and/or behavior resulted in the entire cessation of anthropogenic GHG emissions tomorrow, the persistence of these gases in the atmosphere and the inertia of the geophysical, oceanic, and atmospheric processes that feed off global warming will result in a global mean surface temperature rise approaching at least 2 degrees C over the next century. Given the current rate of GHG emissions growth, in spite of any individual and collective reduction efforts, we are almost certain to cause much more warming still.

Global Warming

“Climate change” is closely related to “global warming” but can be thought of as a more complex set of phenomena, many of which are directly dependent on global warming. Discussed elsewhere in this paper, global warming is a phenomenon that results from radiative forcing as a result of various gaseous and particulate substances in Earth's atmosphere. The increase in Earth's mean surface temperature is caused by warming of land, ocean, and/or atmosphere as a result of the amount of the sun's radiant energy that is not reradiated into ...
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