Physio Assistant Practical Assignment

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Physio assistant

Physio-assistant practical assignment


A well-trained physio assistant is a perfect addition to any medical office, be it large or small. His knowledge and understanding of what it means maintaining a busy medical office well functioning and safe patient adds tremendous value to the doctor's medical practice.

Physician assistants practice doctor kept running smoothly. They keep patients comfortable and safe.Despite the television commercials promoting medical assistant programs and a medical assistant career, medical assisting is serious business and the medical assistant career is reserved for the ideas of the individual that truly wants to make a difference.

In fact, many employers do background checks on those applying for this position because of the proximity between the patient and the physician assistant.

Patient profile

Alan has had sle, sjogren's & xerostomia since 1986. As a child alan had gum disease due to it & have suffered with dry mouth & tooth decay ever since. Her teeth literally crumble in Her mouth whilst alan eat. Her dentist just extracts Her teeth rather than trying to repair them. Alan has only got 16 teeth left now & it is becoming hard & painful to eat. More of her teeth are crumbling & she is worried for the future. Alan is 32 now. Her diseases & Her medication are known for causing oral health problems, and alan is in receipt of disability benefits.

Snapshot of mouth: Introduction to Xerostomia

Xerostomia is the most common salivary gland dysfunction is a decrease in the secretion of saliva. Although not a disease that could mean directly linked to changes in the presence of the salivary glands or the result of systemic diseases.

The etiology of xerostomia is the result of several conditions, including reversible and irreversible types: taking drugs, cancer therapies (and / or chemotherapy), surgery, mental illness, autoimmune diseases and lupus erythematosus, among others.

These are affected when salivary flow decreases and a great influence on the quality of life of these patients may have difficulty producing speech, eating and sleeping.

It is therefore important for the dentist to this condition by a suitable method to identify patients with "dry mouth syndrome", or dry mouth, examine their causes and determine the secretary capacity of salivary glands, all the treatment is but the right patient.

This review is for dental patients presenting with dry mouth, depending on the etiology and degree of involvement of the salivary glands. (Nagler, 1999, pp. 107)

The etiology of xerostomia may be associated with medications, cancer therapies (radiation and / or chemotherapy), surgery, mental changes, autoimmune diseases such as Down syndrome and lupus erythematosus and others. The etiology of xerostomia may be assigned: drugs, cancer therapies (radiation and / or chemotherapy) and surgery, psychological changes, such as autoimmune disease syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus and others. (Nusair, 1999, pp. 89)

The importance of saliva is in its elements and how they function in the oral cavity. The importance lies in the saliva of the elements and how they function in the oral ...
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