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PICO (Patient/ Problem, Intervention, Comparison and outcome) is a method to search the problem or any concern with the patient with the help of taking patient history and information and then with the proper intervention and comparison deriving the possible outcomes. For this, there is need of proper understanding and searching for the reasons and the facts for reaching a proper conclusion. This helps to look for the other sources and material available for the same problem and case history.


As with the help of PICO there is need to understand and evaluate a question of search the most important thing is to identify the problem first. For this there is a case history that will help us to identify the problem.

Case Study

First of all there is need to identify the problem or the patient's complaining. This is the case of ventilator associated pneumonia, in a young woman who is receiving various life support therapies. She is also provided with the mechanical ventilator via an endotreacheal tube. Her condition is much stable and her mouth is completely dry.


The problem is that, it is studied that oral hygiene is considered to be very important in reducing the risks of pneumonia and in this condition that her mouth is completely dried she must need proper care for the oral hygiene.


The patient is provided with the proper medical care and all the medicinal therapies that are required. She is also provided with endotracheal tube due to which her mouth is dried and as she got pneumonia it requires to concern for oral hygiene.


The identification and understanding of this problem needs proper comparison of various studies to identify the actual fact.


In PICO after the proper study and comparison it requires to evaluate the proper outcome. This will help to formulate the ...
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