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Pill Mills


This research paper is based on highlighting the role of doctor in providing support to the pill mills in order to get extra benefits against it. The doctors are found prescribing those pills that are not that effective for the patient's health because their main motive is to get excessive benefits from those pill mills owners. This is the main reason behind the increased drug addiction and abuse in the society and it will keep on growing until strong actions are not taken against the pill mills and the doctors that are supporting them for gaining extra benefits. The law enforcement authorities and medicine regulatory bodies need to pay attention towards this issue as it is growing constantly.

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Pill Mills


Controlling the use of pills has become a big issue for the state or country. The business of pills manufacturers is growing due to the excessive purchase. One of the biggest problems is this that the doctors are also supporting pill manufacturing companies as they are getting monetary and non monetary benefits from them. Illegal prescription of medication by the doctors is supporting the business of pills manufacturing companies. Pills are prescribed by the doctors not for the purpose of curing disease but to make them relax and forget pain for some time. Doctors are supporting the usage of those pills that can become an addiction in most of the patients as they would not be able to keep themselves comfortable without having them. Sleeping pills and pain killers are the most common kinds of pills that are prescribed by the doctors on a larger scale.

This research paper has highlighted the reasons behind the promotion of pills through prescription. The doctors are getting paid by the pills manufacturers for promoting their pills. The doctors should recognize their duties and responsibilities and should work according to the ethical norms and values. The prescription of pills without checking the medical history of the patient can be very dangerous for the patient and it can harm other organs of the body severely. The doctors should prescribe those drugs to the patients, which can help in curing their disease or illness rather than making their health more complicated.


An excessive use of pills is an illegal activity, so it should be restricted and actions should be taken against all those people who are found involved in this activity (Watson, 2003). These days' patients are recommended all those pills by the doctors without considering the side effects that can be faced by the patients. This is totally an un-ethical practice and it should be controlled by the medicine regulatory bodies of the country.

There are cases in which patients are using the prescription of the doctors in getting those pills or medications that were not prescribed by their physician or doctor. This is an illegal activity and it needs to be controlled. Drug abuse is growing constantly and it needs to be controlled. The teenagers are found altering the drug prescription for drug ...
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