Police Corruption In The Nypd During The 1970's And 1980's

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Police Corruption in the NYPD during the 1970's and 1980's


Main objective of operation of police and other agencies of law enforcement is fighting crime and preventing anti-social threats that can occur in society. At same time, police work is often criticized for its inefficiency, particularly in combating organized crime and passivity. In this regard, allegations of police corruption can be seen as the natural result of public dissatisfaction with police work. However, often these accusations are not only product of imagination, but can be based on facts and cases of police corruption.

It should be pointed out that traditionally it was considered that police not be susceptible to large-scale corruption. In fact, police were seen as the reliable agency that protects social security and stability in life of society and provides maintenance of social order. In such the situation, problem of corruption has been of paramount importance, as it not only undermines public confidence in police but also leads to inefficiencies in police work can drastically as the result of advances in world underworld and deteriorating social situation.

In fact, corruption is not the threat dream, but the part of real life. It is noteworthy that most difficult is criminal situation and more developed countries, organized crime is higher risk of spread of corruption. This means that large urban areas are particularly at risk of corruption. In this sense, it is possible to refer to history of spread of corruption within NYPD. Basically, police in New York was traditionally considered to be trustworthy, but still problem of corruption became more and more serious. As the result, it is impossible to ignore this problem and it is necessary to combat corruption but, probably more importantly, is fact that it is necessary to develop effective measures to prevent corruption within NYPD. Accordingly, this paper will focus on analyzing concept of corruption and its essence, history of corruption within NYPD, especially some particularly important cases, and discuss current situation and prospects of solving problem corruption to help you better understand direction in which fight against corruption must move in.

History of corruption within NYPD

Basically, corruption has always existed in one form at any institution that had any power or opportunity to exercise power. Police is no exception and it is noteworthy that police of large urban areas like New York were and still are more susceptible to corruption in underworld is more important than in small towns, where latter almost do not exist. Therefore, it must be said that corruption within NYPD was actually result of natural process of socio-economic development of New York, who was accompanied by development of underworld. As the result, opportunities for corruption grew rapidly with progress of organized crime and expanding opportunities for police officers to use their position in their own interests.

In this regard it is noted that development of corruption within NYPD began the large scale in late 1920-early 1930. In fact, rapid deterioration of situation within NYPD was determined by general deterioration of socio-economic situation in ...
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