Policy Implementation And Application

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Policy implementation and application

Policy implementation and application

Introduction and Background of the Case Study

Implementation of the code of conduct at ECG has been a success. Employees are engaged in the training sessions and have been carefully reviewing the detailed code of conduct available on the ECG intranet. Furthermore, you are regularly being consulted by various individuals regarding situations that represent or could potentially have ethical implications. Now the Ethics Review Committee has convened another meeting to discuss two matters that have been reported, as defined in the following:

•The intended acquisition of Government Allies, Inc. after the IPO represents a tremendous growth opportunity for ECG. As the company completes due diligence on the acquisition candidate, it is discovered that a senior executive at ECG and her spouse have a previously undisclosed financial interest in Government Allies. This executive will notably profit from the acquisition because all investors in Government Allies will receive shares of ECG stock proportionate to their investment upon successful completion of the IPO and of the acquisition. The ECG executive had been a member of a task force charged with determining acquisition candidates, and she was a strong advocate for moving forward with the effort.

•ECG is participating in a competitive bid on a lucrative IT consulting contract for X TelCo, a key player in the communications industry. A team of industry and practice leaders is formed to develop the proposal and give the presentation to X TelCo. Securing the contract would boost sales and positively influence the IPO. One team member previously worked in the industry with two current executives at X TelCo who are among those to review bids. Initially unknown to the ECG team, this employee maintains occasional contact with the former coworkers. He recently contacted the executives, securing additional information about the bid process and promoting the firm's capabilities.

Research Question

What ethical standards might be violated in these two situations and why? How should each one be addressed by leadership and the Ethics Review Committee? Support your points with ethical and business reasoning.

Although at first, the concept of the dual targets of social welfare policy can seem confusing, it is actually quite simple. The dual targets of social welfare policy are individuals and institutions and the role failure that is associated with each. When an individual is having problems fulfilling a role, one of social workers' goals is to help that person meet their role expectations. This type of practice is considered micropractice because it deals with people, families, and small groups. Now, when institutions are failing in helping clients and individuals meet their role expectations, then the institution itself is not meeting their role expectations. Social workers' goals in this area are to change policies, make new policies, or get legislation passed that will enable the institution to do a better job of helping individuals and clients. This type of practice is macropractice because it deals with the law, policies, and things that have an impact on the larger ...
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