Political Change

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Factors affecting political change

Factors affecting political change


People are not born with political ideas, or its manufacture: We learn through a process called political change. From early childhood and throughout our lives we are exposed to a variety of individuals and groups known as agents of political change. These individuals or groups teach us about their political views and political system performance. Some of these agents have a greater impact on our personal beliefs independent than others. Political change agents include: our families, schools, peer groups, media, and child groups (Roy, 2001, 11). Discussion and Analysis

What causes political change? There are several causes of political change. These causes are:


Culture is a system that constantly loses and gains components. There are three main sources of cultural change. The first source is an invention. Produce new inventions, ideas and social models. The invention of rocket propulsion led to space travel, which in future may lead to the habitability of other planets. The second source is the discovery. The discovery is finding something that has never been found before, or finds something new in something that already exists. The third source is diffusion.

The spread is the dissemination of ideas and items for other companies. This would involve trade, migration and mass communication. The mass media is a vital factor in the speed of political change. It allows the rapid dissemination of ideas, so this apparent in the private and tranquil surroundings of the house, where audiences are more susceptible. (Roy, 2001, 15) Conflict

Another reason for political change that occurs is due to tension and conflict (between races, religions, classes, etc.. ) Karl Marx thought that class conflict in particular caused the change. Idealistic factors

Idealistic factors include the values, beliefs and ideologies. From the perspective of Max Weber: in essence, values, beliefs and ideologies have a decisive impact in shaping political change. These factors have no doubt in general terms as a way of political change in the modern world. For example:-o freedom and self-determination of material growth and national security, for example, French and English Canadian, English and Irish, German and French, Palestinians, Kurds, Basque separatists and the Spanish capitalism: the ideology only the type of economic system, but also connected set of values and ideas, emphasizing the positive benefits to pursue their private economic interests, competition and free markets Marxism

Max Weber thought that the expression of ideas by charismatic individuals could change the world. Here are some examples of influential that caused changes in the world (good and bad): Martin Luther King, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tseng tug, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. The need to adapt to the need for adaptation in social systems, for example: the development of efficient bureaucracies is an adaptive response of companies to a competitive economic environment. Environmental factors

The change may be through the impact of environmental factors such as drought and famine. The extent of natural disasters across countries and regions also lead different political change s between ...
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