Political Comparison Between Democrats, Republicans And Green Party Platform

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Political comparison between Democrats, Republicans and Green Party platform

Political comparison between Democrats, Republicans and Green Party platform


The democrats' party is one of the major political party's within the United States the party gained much importance within the 1930's. The party basically stands for social liberation and progressive platform. The party is considered the oldest in the world and has the lengthiest record of continuous operation within the United States. The current President Barrack Obama is also a democrat.

The Republican Party was found by anti slavery activists in 1854. It has been dominating for many years. Eighteen of the United States presidents were republican. President George Bush was also a part of the Republican Party. This party's platform strongly reflects the American conservatism (Anonymous, 2012)

The Green Party is a federation of state Green parties focused on environmentalism, non violence and social equality. The Green party believes on providing real solutions to real problems that actually matter like universal health issues, alternative energy issues, and living wages for workers. The Green party was created in 1991 but gained considerable recognition in 2001. Being relatively new the party is striving to gain more recognition and many of its candidates are taking part in electoral elections (G.P, 2012)


Comparison of parties on HealthCare

The democrats view on health care is that they believe it is necessary that every person should receive accessible, high quality health care. Every American should have the right to proper medical care without having to go broke. The Democrats took many initiatives that include young American's who are starting to work can continue to be covered by their parent's care plan. Insurers can no longer refuse to cover any kid with pre existing condition. Democrats believe that senior citizens should not be required to pay thousands of dollars after their Medicare benefits end. In order to make healthcare more affordable the Democrats have joined 36 industrialized nations to enable everyone to be able to afford healthcare. The coverage of low income adults need to be expanded. Their centralized concern was reducing the healthcare costs. The democrats also support the Drug Enforcement Administration's policy that controlled substances shall not be used for assisted suicide which gained a lot of appreciation (Anonymous, 2012)

Patient Protection and Affordable Care act which is a United stated federal statute was signed into law by Republican Barrack Obama on March 23, 2010 which made it mandatory for every American citizen to purchase health insurance the act was considerably criticized and was considered to be against the US constitution since it left the States responsible for financial burdens. The Republicans support the Emergency Plan for Aids patients which encourage abstinence by staying faithful to one partner. The initiative emphasized on routine checkups and constant monitoring. The Republicans continue to be string supporters of scientific research on healthcare to improve treatments. The Republicans have also banned cloning and embryo creation for experiments. The republicans started a non consensual withholding of care based in disability, age, infirmity. The Republicans have also tried to ...
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