Political History And Development Of Nursing Education

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Political History and Development of Nursing Education

Political History and Development of Nursing Education

Nursing History in Ireland

The concept of nursing is not new to Ireland. The political and legislative account on nursing dated back to 1900. The field of nursing developed with the momentum had called for a documented legislation related to the practices of nursing. The first legislation passed on 1919, called Nurses Registration Act, led to the formation of Nursing Council for Ireland. The Act specifies the prevailing practice for the nurses. The Nurses Act of 1985 swapped all the previous legislation and the present framework for the nursing practices (Dwyer, 2007, p.136-139).

Nursing History in Kenya

Before 1950s, the nursing system in Kenya was operating without any conventional structure. Because of high level of poverty, it was not possible for people to equip them with the trained nursing practices without government support. Nursing system was running somehow with the help of United Kingdom. There were numbers of efforts and attempts to document the legislation on nursing. Finally, in 1983, the Nurses Act Cap 257 passed as Nursing Council of Kenya (Mule, 1986, p. 83-86).

Government and Nursing Organizations in Ireland

There are numbers of government and private organizations working in Ireland to ensure and sustain the valuable nursing practices. As in almost all countries where the advanced nursing practice has launched, nurses associations have played a key role in these matters are recorded in first order, with the aim of obtaining the political support needed. These partnerships have made proposals to extend the scope of practice nurses available and to define the initial and ongoing training required and supported the implementation of all reforms adopted. In countries like Ireland, UK, U.S. and Canada, are better organized and more influential than others. For example, in Ireland, the expansion of nursing practice has supported for many years by the Irish Practice Nurses Association, which also play a crucial role in the recommendations, has helped the progression of advanced practice nurses, clarifying the potential driving range of different categories of nurses and identifying the competencies required for certification. In contrast, other countries, nurses' organizations have organized so well and have the same ability to exert pressure for reform, to make new proposals and support their implementation in males (Dwyer, 2007, p.136-139).

Government and Nursing Organizations in Kenya

By understanding the importance of nursing practices, the government and private agencies consider the training ...
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