Pollution Prevention Case Scenario

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Pollution Prevention Unit VIII Case Scenario

Pollution Prevention Unit VIII Case Scenario


Mostly the developing countries have urban communities that often face issues of trash with which they are overwhelmed. However, since they are managed poorly, they serve as a great source of hazard to the public. Therefore, it is essential to develop a needs assessment plan for the company to collect information that will immensely help in pollution prevention. In this paper, we would be developing a pollution prevention plan for the Scenario 2. This paper would be from the perspective of the Environmental Manager of a manufacturing company, preparing a plan for the prevention of pollution and the waste that the company is producing.

Current Problems

The primary aim is to assess the current issue of pollution, which is extremely crucial to solve this issue of pollution. Extensive needs assessment plans would help in assessing the problems and the other areas related to waste management for the company. For this, the following steps needs to be completed.

Firstly, it is essential to gather all the secondary data regarding the issue. Secondary data are easily available on the Internet and the other places such as magazines and newspapers. However, this would give us a rough idea about the problem. In order to gather the real data and the information that the society is encountering, primary data have to be gathered. Therefore, the people should be asked about the amounts of the waste and the ways in which they are getting affected by it.

Both secondary and primary research regarding the issue of hazardous waste management will provide information about trash management in the company. Other than this, the other information that can be taken from the people is the season in which the trash is the most, number of times and how it is collected. With reference to the results collected, actions must be taken to reduce waste and to improve trash disposal (Ademoroti, 1996).

Involvement of the Community

However, in order to gather all this information, it is essential for the company to involve the community. This is important because all the data that have to be gathered has to be inquired from the people who get affected. Therefore, community will be involved in the following way.

Interviews regarding waste management will be conducted;

Questionnaires will be filled by the community, and

Suggestions for improvement will be taken from the community.

We have to develop a guide for the prevention of pollution in the manufacturing industry, which aims to change the environmental management by focusing on prevention of pollution. The Ministry defined as those prevention practices to reduce or eliminate the generation of pollutants or contamination at the source by increasing the efficiency of raw materials, energy, water and other resources. Reducing pollution at the source may include modifications to equipment or technology, changes in processes or procedures, reformulation or redesign of products, substitution of raw materials, improvements in maintenance, staff training and inventory control ...